Monday, August 23, 2010

A Pearl of Wisdom for Back to School

OPI Pearl Of Wisdom

Today I wore OPI Pearl of Wisdom, a polish from the Hong Kong collection.  I used two coats for this picture, but ended up applying a third coat later on, making it slightly less sheer.  In sunlight, it is more opalescent than it appears; my camera tends to have a hard time capturing opal shades.  Pearl of Wisdom dried REALLY fast between coats, and it has stayed chip-free all day even without a top coat (yup, I forgot to put on a top coat).

Isn't it pretty?

I thought Pearl of Wisdom was the perfect color to wear today, since this morning I taught my first two classes of the semester (who doesn't want a little extra wisdom when you're trying to instill wisdom, right?).

I have been nervous - beyond nervous - about these classes.  Why?  Because I am a Grade A worrier (not to be confused with "warrior" - that I am certainly not).  As I was freaking out last night, I decided to go through my syllabus one last time.  Well lo and behold my syllabus had erased itself.  (I believe there is some law of physics that says this type of thing will absolutely happen at the worst possible time).  

Basically all the "stuff" (course content, rules, etc.) was still there, but all my assignments and due dates had completely vanished from my calendar.  I just about lost it.  All the page numbers, readers, daily lesson plans, homework, writing assignment - everything - was gone.  And to top it all off, although I had marked everything in the textbook with sticky notes, I had been offered a teacher's edition of the book on Friday, so I swapped out my sticky-noted book for that one.

I was pretty upset.  That was hours upon hours of planning - gone.  But then, after losing it for a few minutes (and then some), I turned to the lovely world wide web and began searching for ways to recover lost documents.  And, what do you know, there IS a way!  I basically involved changing some setting and telling it to "recover text from any file" - but after a little finagling, I was able to locate ALL of my lost information!  It was no longer in a calendar - it had been turned into a list - but it was ALL there.  So if this ever happens to you, do not fret too much - it could possibly be recovered.  Whew.

That minor setback aside, the first day with my new classes went great.  And, most importantly, I am very happy to have the first day behind me.  No more nerves!

So now I leave you with a picture of a very, very cute little kitten named Bella (after Bella Swan, our Twilight heroine).  My mom just rescued Bella and her brother, Dexter (also named after a rather well-known character).  More about them later!
(Visit or your local animal shelter to find out how you can adopt a cat or dog!)

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and a fantastic Monday!!


Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful colour! Looks so pretty on your already pretty nails!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you got stuff from your file back. I know how it feels to go through something like that. Things like that makes me go obsessed at saving a file every few minutes. Haha!

shortwidenails said...

oh that's a pretty color. I have i'm a princess you're not and people say that it is similar to pearl of wisdom and if you have one you don't need the other. i'm not sure I haven't tried i'm a princess you're not yet.

I know you mentioned this but I can't seem to recall anymore but what are you teaching? you are a TA (masters student) correct? or are you a phd candidate?

the first day of school is so early for you guys. it starts on sept 6 for us. well not for me I just work in a lab...somewhere around the time of your birthday anniversary I had an interview..and well i got the job.. and disappeared from the interweb for a bit

Pretty said...

ooh very work appropro color... glad that the first day wasn't so bad.. and you found your lost documents! yeah..first day of class for me too..ehh.. but it wasn't that

Unknown said...

Thanks so much, Cafe!! I tried 2 other colors before I decided on this one!

Kitty, I know, it was so scary!! I was feeling suspicious about the calendar early on because when I would do a print preview, none of the info was showing up in the calendar.. and then a few weeks later it just vanished! really weird. This is the type of thing that makes me make duplicate copies of files!! haha

shortwidenails, thanks!! I have I'm a Princess You're Not and I'd say they are different enough if you like this kind of sheer color (Princess isn't as pearly, right?). I'm not a TA; I finished my MA in May, so I'm teaching as an adjunct at a local college and at a university. I really enjoy it. I always planned to be a teacher, although initially I went to school to be an elem. teacher, then I switched to secondary ed, then I decided on college. School is early for us!! Congrats on getting the job!! It is hard to keep up with blogging with other stuff going on :(

Pretty, thank you!! I thought it was very work-appropriate too. I didn't want my nails to stand out too much. I'm so glad I found the lost document too!! Glad your first day wasn't that bad!! haha. The semester will fly by, I'm sure - it always does :)

MightyLambchop said...

I'm glad you were able to recover everything. That would have been a nightmare! Poor girl.
Your nails look great and I hope teaching will be lots of fun. I already know you're awesome. ;)

Tassa said...

Lovely! :)

Kelsey said...

Bella is so beautiful!!! Put some pictures of little dexter up, he's a cutie :)

Unknown said...

Wow, you have long nails!!! Everyone always says mine are long, but yours totally beat mine. :)

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