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Age Science Personal Microderm from SkinCareRX

Age Science
Personal Microderm sent me the Age Science Personal Microderm to review near the end of July.  I started using it when I got back from Vermont in early August, and I wanted to make sure to use it for one month before I shared my results.  Overall, what I found was that the Age Science Personal Microderm made my skin significantly smoother and it really helped to reduce the dark melasma patches I have.

The Age Science Personal Microderm uses aluminum oxide crystals (just like those found in professional microderm equipment at the dermatologist) to smooth skin, eliminate age spots, and diminish wrinkles.  The Personal Microderm comes with an instructional DVD, which shows you how to use it, but it is quite simple (and fun!).  The tool includes various sizes of varying-grained microderm discs.  These heads revolve at a high speed, quickly smoothing skin, while the tool suctions skin closer to the exfolitating disc, allowing for an even and thorough 'abrasion.'  You only leave the disc in one place for a couple of seconds, and then move to a new area, repeating until you have covered your entire face (or neck, hands, or chest).  You can see the entire instructional video here: Personal Microderm Video or click HERE to learn more about the Personal Microderm.

I wrote about my results after each week for the past month (I used it every Tuesday and recorded my experience at the following Tuesday).  Check out what I thought:

Week One
After the first week, my face is feeling very, very smooth.  I am 24, with combination skin, and melasma (patches of darker-toned skin that kind of looks like a lot of freckles) directly above both cheekbones and above my upper lip.  I made the mistake of putting lotion on immediately after using the Personal Microderm, which was VERY PAINFUL because (obviously) your skin is sensitive after use.  Please listen to the instructions: they specifically say to wait to use any lotions, and they mean it!  I haven't noticed my melasma or freckles looking lighter yet, but I'm happy with how soft my face feels.

Week Two
I used the Personal Microderm for way too long on the dark patch of skin on the left side of my face (which was my mistake - I was trying to read while using it).  You are only supposed to leave it in one place for a few seconds.  The spot was kind of rough and irritated for a few days, but now the patch is perfectly smooth and my melasma (and freckles) and completely gone in that spot.  My melasma has significantly faded in the other two places.  

Week Three
My skin is still feeling really smooth.  Each time I use the Personal Microderm, I can actually see the skin cells that have been exfoliated off (you need to clean out the removable facial cap after each use).  My makeup goes on so much smoother than it used to and my face looks fresh and glowing.  Make sure to wear sunscreen after using the Personal Microderm because your skin will be more sensitive to light.

Week Four
The melasma above my cheekbones is gone and the darker skin above my upperlip is significantly faded (to the point that I don't even notice it!).  I am so happy, because I have stressed about those darker spots for a long time.  I used the green discs this week (which are coarser) and I think I like the blue ones better for my face; for tougher skin, the green discs would be ideal, but for the sensitive face skin, I think the gentler blue discs are preferable.

This is where the dark spot above my cheekbone was.  As you can see, it is smooth and light (even the freckles are faded there).

I have been really impressed with the Personal Microderm.  I am really happy that I have finally been able to fade the darker patches of skin on my face, and I also love how smooth and soft it makes my skin feel.  The Personal Microderm can also help fade scars, so I plan to use it on the scars from skin I had biopsied once they are fully healed.  The Personal Microderm is also ideal for reducing fine lines and wrinkles.I have been very happy with the Personal Microderm, but I think it is important to follow the directions and make sure not to leave it on any one spot too long.  I believe it is important to continue to use the Personal Microderm; once you have achieved the desired results, you can move to using the Personal Microderm every other week or every three weeks.  For those with fine line, wrinkles, scaring, skin darkening/melasma, keratosis, or mild acne, the Personal Microderm by Age Science could prove beneficial.

The Age Science Personal Microderm sells for $179 at  It includes the personal microderm tool, 5 discs (3 fine, 2 coarse), 2 facial caps, 1 reusable filter, and the instructional DVD.  Visit to learn more.

Check back soon to find out how to win an Age Science Personal Microderm from and Babbling Brooke!
Product provided by SkinCareRX for review purposes


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Clarisonic is similar to this? Good to hear that it does lighten patches and stuff! Sounds like a nifty tool for me to have soon.

fierce nails and beauty said...

it sounds great....and glad to hear it helped with your darker areas.
I think i need to have one of these.

Skulda said...

This totally interests me because I get freckles in the summer. I want them to go away!! :)

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