Monday, September 13, 2010

Kelsey's Gone French!

French manicure that is!  Today my sister Kelsey has stopped by to share her perfectly professional french manicure.  Check it out below!

I used "French Manicure Kit" by Kiss for this look. First I painted the tips white with two coats of French Tip Nail Enamel. Its so tough to find a white polish that isn't thick and gloppy, so I was really impressed when I opened this bottle and it was actually normal nail polish consistency! Its the perfect white for french manicures!

To shape the tips I use a Q-Tip dipped in nail polish remover and shape each nail until its just right :) This can be a little difficult (and time consuming!), so you may want to try using the nail guides, which are included in this kit.

After letting the tips dry, I brushed on a coat of Bio-Strength Nail Enamel followed by Glass Shine Non-yellowing Top Coat. I love this top coat because it has a great shine and is nice and thick so it lasts the whole week :)

I used a flower decal on my ring finger just to spice up the french tips a little bit. The Kiss French Manicure Kit includes a ton of different nail stickers and I love how chic they look!  What do you think?

Another one of the beautiful Kiss nail stickers- this one has rhinestones! I love how they glitter in the sun!

Rhinestone nail sticker shown in the shade, still incredibly beautiful and chic!

I had a lot of fun using this French Manicure Kit by Kiss and it really did make painting my nails a lot easier. 

Friday night Brooke (you remember her, right? The Babbling one?) took me and our parents out to dinner. We went to Olive Garden and got the Never Ending pasta bowls- I love being able to try so many different pastas, yum yum yum! My waistline is punishing me today ;)
Saturday I took my manicure (and my cat) to Petco and got pictures of my adorable little Kobe taken. I'm entering him in the cutest pet contest, and I really hope he wins! Even if he doesn't win this contest, he's always the cutest cat in my book :)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day and enjoying the beautiful weather!
(Thank you to Kelsey for stopping by, and thank you to my dear readers for letting me know that all the photos weren't showing up!)


Enamel Girl said...

oh the nails stickers are so cute!

i like the french mani kit, especially the nail guides.

arsyparsy said...

ooo turned out well! i like the nail stickers pattern with the blue!!!

Trista said...

Very pretty mani

Anonymous said...

I've always shied awar from doing French manis. I tried one finger and failed. Maybe someday soon.

Tell her it's pretty!

Kelsey said...

Thank you! :)

Nail-Art said...

Classic French Manicure... Nice


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