Monday, October 25, 2010

October Orange - Going Old School

Happy Monday, everyone!!  Today I have a very old school polish - Orly Old School Orange, a very unique satin shade.

Orly Old School Orange
Old School Orange is part of Orly's new Plastix collection.  It has a smooth, satin finish and it dries REALLY fast.  I used two coats.

Have an awesome day!


Hook Prism Power said...

Lovely. Such a bright Happy color. All the colors in this collection were so interesting.

Megan Harmeyer said...

I like this, but I'm not an orange person,really, so I doubt I'll be picking it up.

Trista said...

very pretty orange

Unknown said...

Thanks Let Them Have Polish!!

Megan, honestly, I'm not an orange person either - Halloween is pretty much the only time I break out the orange!

Thanks Twister :)

Martje said...

it quite suprised me; the quick drying of these polishes. lovely colors though!

Zara said...

I love this! It's one of my favorite oranges.

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