Friday, October 22, 2010

October Orange - Orange French Mani

Welcome to day 1 of October Orange week!! (well, actually October Orange 10 days).  Each day for the next 10 days, I'll post a new orange polish or spooky design to celebrate Halloween.

Today I have OPI Don't Be Koi With Me with a orange French mani in Orly Old School Orange.  Could it get any more orange than this?

OPI Don't Be Koi With Me with Orly Old School Orange

OPI Don't Be Koi With Me
(natural light... at 6:30 in the evening)

OPI Don't Be Koi With Me

OPI Don't Be Koi With Me with Orly Old School Orange

Check back daily each day between now and Halloween for a fun orange or a spooky Halloween mani!


Hook Prism Power said...

This is so cute! Is that the Orange from the Plastic Orly collection? This is way too pretty to be Halloween. Can't wait to see the upcoming manis.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much!! It is the orange from Orly's new Plastix collection (on the tips). I'll do a full mani with it in a few days :) I painted this 2 days ago (before I did the Konadicure I'm wearing now), but as soon as this one chips I'm going to do some manis with the new Kiss Halloween stickers - I can't wait to do a super festive black and orange mani!

Jenny said...

Very cute, I really like how the tips are a similar color, so maybe if you weren't looking closely you might not notice it. Sometimes subtle things like that are so much fun.

Both are beautiful oranges! :)

The Preppy Student said...

what an awesome orange! i have old school orange!

Trista said...

both are very pretty oranges

summertime said...

I love your imagination with colors. This is so cute.

Zara said...

I love it! Simple, but perfect.

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