Saturday, October 30, 2010

October Orange - Starry Night

Spa Ritual I Believe in You
I Believe in You is a rust-orange jelly that covered fairly well with three coats.  It dried at a medium-fast rate (because it applies so thin, it dries quicker).

An October Starry Sky
For this design, I Konaded stars using China Glaze Naughty and Nice, a very dark purple.

And the perfect sweet treat every October: Caramel Apples!
I like to cut mine up because my teeth are sensitive (plus, you get more caramel in each bite this way!).

Check back tomorrow for my favorite Halloween design, plus photos of our Halloween decor!  Have a great All Hallows Eve, and stay safe!  
If you have pets, please keep them safe and indoors tonight and tomorrow.


The Preppy Student said...

mmm those apples look so good!

the jelly is so pretty! i dont like the vnl but otherwise this is so nice!

Enamel Girl said...

mmmmmmm your apple dip is making me hungy.

i just wanted to let you know that i tried your candy corn mani and it turned out great. thanks for the tip and Happy Halloween!!!

Anonymous said...

That's a bright orange!

kellie said...

hahah - I have the same caramel apple theory as you. ;) Something else I do with my caramel apple slices is to sprinkle some course sea salt and squeeze a tiny bit of lemon juice on them. The easiest way to get even coverage is to put the slices in a ziploc baggy and squirt the lemon juice and sea salt in the bag with them and then shake it up to evenly distribute the flavors. If you haven't tried this, I know it sounds weird. But, you use so little lemon juice that you can't even taste it. And the salt brings out the creamy sweet goodness of the caramel. Trust me when I say that you'll thank me if you try this. It makes the caramel apple experience SO much better, even if it doesn't seem possible. :) TRUST ME.

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