Monday, October 18, 2010

Walk for Paws

Thank you SO very much to everyone who donated to Walk for Paws!!  It was such a fun event :)  I'll be announcing the first and second place winners of the giveaway (Personal Microderm) tomorrow!

Here are some pictures from the Walk:

Emily having fun with her new toys

Emily NOT having fun trying the agility course

Emily's friend, Kada. They reunite every year at Walk for Paws :)
Cara had to stay home because she isn't too friendly with other dogs, but we brought her home some toys and treats.

I extended my Vegan Week through Friday and Saturday!  On Saturday I had this AWESOME Vegan Powerhouse, then I went to a wedding, where I was served a massive plate of steamed veggies and spaggetti (totally vegan!).  And, coincidently, I didn't eat the wedding cake until after midnight, so it wasn't until Sunday that I ended my vegan week (or my 9 days of vegan-ness).  I've realized that the only non-vegan things I typically eat are cheese and Quorn patties.  Being a vegan for a week honestly wasn't difficult at all - that's why I ended up staying vegan for a few extra days!  I'm glad I had the chance to try going vegan for a while.

Check back later for the recipe for the great apple crisp I made this weekend :)


thecandiedmango said...

Those dogs are precious! Emily reminds me of a cow, just a teeny tiny bit, with the black and white markings and dark eyes.

Unknown said...

hahaha we call her our cow dog actually :) Thanks so much :)

The Preppy Student said...

I love vegan food!

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