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OPI Burlesque - Holiday 2010 - I

Winter 2010 - I

Today I have part I of OPI's fabulous (and much anticipated) Burlesque Collection.  Burlesque is OPI's Holiday 2010 collection based on the musical film starring Cher and Christina Aguilera (arriving in theaters November 24).  This half of the collection is filled with warm, glowing, shimmery shades.  Check back tomorrow to see the second half of this collection!

OPI Let Me Entertain You

Let Me Entertain You is one of my favorites from the collection.  Sometimes pink, sometimes purple, and sometimes even red, this shimmery shade is a true chameleon.  I wore this one on Saturday and the general consensus of everyone I was around was that it was "kind of a maroon" - but no matter what you call it, this is one pretty polish.  Loaded with tons of glitter and shimmer, Let Me Entertain You is sparkly and fun.  The bottle picture is after one day wear.

Rising Star

Rising Star is a true copper penny shade.  It covered really nicely with two coats and dried quickly.  In the sun, it is incredibly sparkly (like that pictures above!), but even in the shade it had some great shimmer.  

The Show Must Go On!

Another cutely named polish, The Show Must Go On! is a fabulous hot pink with pink and gold fine glitter.  Of these six, this is tied with Let Me Entertain You are my favorite.  I used two coats for great coverage and, like the others in this group, The Show Must Go On! dried quickly.

Tease-y Does It

This was definitely the surprise of the group for me.  I wasn't expecting much from this polish, but once I put it on my nails I fell in love.  Tease-y Does It is a chocolatey purple with pink and gold glitter and shimmer (fine glitter).  Could it get any more unique than that?  It looked awesome in the sunlight, but had a fabulous glow indoors and in the shade as well.  Tease-y Does It only needed two coats for full coverage and it dried quickly.  This is such a pretty and perfectly fall shade with a truly fabulous glow.  I really like this one.

Ali's Big Break

Ali's Big Break is a candy apple red (very much like the signature lip color worn by Christina Aguilera, who plays Ali in the film, Burlesque).  It is a jelly formula, so there is some slight VNL (I used just two coats), but the plus side is that, like most jelly polishes, it dried very fast.  Ali's Big Break is shimmery, although not as much so as the other polishes in this collection.

Take the Stage

Last but not least we have Take the Stage, a coppery orange polish with gold shimmer.  Take the Stage reminds me a lot of OPI Music Hall Curtain Call and Hungary for My Honey (click on each to see pictures - and my super shortie nails).  The photo above is in full sun, and the one to the right is in the shade/minimal sun.  It covered great with two coats and dried quickly.  Take the Stage has a a real glow that shines through the layers of shimmer.

In the image below, the top row are the glitters (which I'll have images of tomorrow) and the bottom half are the shimmers, which we saw today.

What do you think of the Burlesque Collection so far?  Which one is your favorite?
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Megan Harmeyer said...

I picked up The Show Must Go On yesterday and am wearing it today - gorgeous!! I also really like Teasy Does It but didn't remember that til I saw your post. It must not have jumped out at me in the bottle. LOL

MsHeeyah said...

Wow those are so gorgeous!

Aurora's Nails said...

Tease-y Does It is SO pretty! Like you, I wasn't expecting much from it, but it's probably my favorite out of these!

Unknown said...

Very HOT colors!!!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the glitter ones!

Akuma Kanji said...

Incredible! OPI is not my cup of tea but I only have one dislike in this collection which is The show must go on. The rest is completely astounding!!!

Fey (TheNailExperiment) said...

I had seen this swatched before but this is the first time I see a good picture of teas-y does it! It's so good I want to get it!

Lovely Addison said...

i love rising star! :))

Supersparklekitty said...

I love all of these! I think you're pictures are great! I couldn't have a favorite in this group,so I picked them all up!

Frida said...

So So pretty! ali's big break is such a nice red! Also, let me entertiain you reminds me of candied strawberries.

polishedlyrics said...

Shimmers are stunning! They did great on this collection.

Zara said...

These are all very pretty! OPI definitely hit it out of the park with this collection.

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