Wednesday, November 10, 2010

OPI Burlesque - Holiday 2010 - II

Welcome to the second half of OPI's Holiday 2010 Collection, Burlesque: the glitters!!  These six polishes are absolutely JAM PACKED with stunning, shimmering, sparkling glitter making them the perfect jewelry for your nails this winter.  Could these be any more fabulous?

Show It & Glow It!

Show It & Glow It! is a beautiful bright purple glitter.  It has a little bit of silver, blue, and green glitter added in, but it is mainly bright, fun purple.  This is a really pretty one and it covered great with two coats.  Show It & Glow It! comes in just second in my list of the favorites of these.  It is just gorgeous!

Shimmer & Simmer

This polish can be described in one word: astounding.
That being said, I've got a lot more I can say about it.  Simmer & Shimmer is a stunning medium blue and gold sparkle.  I seriously wish I had this one in high school because our school colors were blue and gold - this would have been perfect!  I used three coats of this one - the glitter builds on itself and creates an opaque look - and, like all the glitters, it dried insanely fast.  It was a little rough, but not nearly as rough as it looks.  Simmer & Shimmer is filled with bright and light blue glitters, gold glitter, purple glitter, and silver glitter.  This is my favorite in the collection :)

Bring on the Bling

Bring on the Bling is the perfect glittery gold.  You may know that I am absolutely fascinated with gold nail polish - I always have been and always will be.  Bring on the Bling is that perfect shade of gold, but loaded with a massive amount of beautiful gold glitter, plus a minimal amount of green and purple glitter.  Bring on the Bling is fun, shimmery, and very eye-catching.


I had deluded myself into thinking this was pink, so I was kind of disappointed that it wasn't (so where is the pink super sparkle?  I really want one!).  Aside from being not pink, this polish is actually pretty fabulous (but I mean really, put this much glitter in a bottle and it is bound to be pure fabulousness, right?).  Extra-Va-Vaganza is a coppery-orangish-golden polish with some flecks of green glitter.  It


This is Mardi Gras in a bottle!!  Purple, gold, blue, and pure glitter?  What could be more New Orleans perfect?  Sparkle-icious is fun and looks amazing in the sunlight and the shade (as you can see from this mix of sun and shade photos).  Very pretty.

Glow Up Already! arrived broken (hence the insane amount of glitter on the bottles), but I will add swatches of it once a new one arrives.

Application was great on all five; 2-3 coats gave full or near-full opacity.  Dry time was ridiculously fast, and removal was OK.  Glitters are never fun to remove, but using a good base coat helps and soaking them in those sponge-tubs of polish remover really, really helps.

So, are you glitter-lovers drooling?  Which one is your favorite?
Thanks for checking these out!!

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KarenD said...

Show It & Glow It is the one I really want of these, though the more swatches I see of the collection, the more I think I will end up with most of them in my stash.

charmed-chick said...

they r all nice but i like the last one best :)

Anonymous said...

I love the glitters in this collection!

Sophia said...

My favorite is definitely Shimmer & Simmer and then Sparkle-icious. I'm going to to pick them up some time this week from Ulta. Definitely want to wear one the next time I go out to a club! :)

AnnKiins'♥ said...

Wow, such a pretty glitter collection.
Must have been a pain in the ass to remove. xD

ANSTAH said...

Great swatches Brooke!!! I love that you have glitter all over your fingers! =D hehe

Unknown said...

I think the glitters are overwhelming in this collection, 1 or 2 is fine but 5 is too much for me :)

Unknown said...

I've liked Extra-Va-Vaganza every time I've looked at it, and it looks so great on you. I also suddenly fell in love with Show It & Glow It. Can't wait to pick these up!

Kira said...

I got myself Sparkle-icious! The only thing I don't like is polish remove with the glitter. However it looks fab and probably one of the only colours I can't wear to work :(

Zara said...

These are all amazing! I got all the glitters except Bring on the Bling, and I love them all. :)

Tanya said...

Love those glittery colours, the gold is my fave!

kellie said...

They're all very nice, but Sparkle-icious is my fave. :) Are they as sandpaper textured as they look though? :( I don't mind glitter polishes with a little bit of texture and I know it's a given with them, but when they have SO much texture that the glitter is falling off and they can't be somewhat smoothed out with a top coat, I'll pass. It's a weird OCD thing that I have.

Saori said...

Usual I love OPI but i find this collection too much with glitter.

Saori said...

Usual I love OPI but i find this collection too much with glitter.

Saori said...

Usual I love OPI but i find this collection too much with glitter.

Saori said...

Usual I love OPI but i find this collection too much with glitter.

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