Friday, November 5, 2010

Zoya Flame - Winter 2010 (Fire & Ice)

Happy Friday!  Today I have the new Zoya Flame Collection.  This collection was originally named Fire & Ice but was recently renamed "Flame," which is much more fitting.  When these polish first arrived, my sister and I spent a good twenty minutes debating which shades belonged in the "Fire" category and which ones were "Ice" (we finally decided that Tiffany, Crystal, and Valerie were the Ice shades).  So I'm glad everything has been redefined as part of the "Fire" category (and blue can totally be in a fire - isn't the blue part of the flame always the hottest part?).

Zoya Flame

Zoya's Flame Collection is filled with super-shimmery, holiday-ready shades.  All six of the polishes had a thin, easy to work with formula that dried VERY fast but was still very pigmented.  This collection retails for $36, or you can purchase each polish individually for $7 at

I wore Sarah on Thursday and really liked it.  Sarah is a deep blue-based red with a moderate amount of shimmer (kind of the way a car shimmers).  It covered well with two coats and dried quickly. 

Gloria is a very pretty medium pink with lots of glitter.  I used two coats and it was still slightly sheer, as you can see, but with a good base coat and possibly two more coats this should cover well.

 *   *   *

Tiffany is one SUPER shimmery polish!  Tiffany really surprised me because I wasn;t expecting to like it at all, but I ended up loving it.  It is a VERY shimmery polish (and who doesn't love that?).  It's a very New-Years-esque champange shade with lots of gold glitter and rainbow shimmer.  It is really beautiful.  I used two coats for nearly-opaque coverage.


 *   *   *

I LOVE Crystal - it is by far my favorite color in the collection and it is definitely the most unique.  It it gorgeous.  Like Tiffany, Crystal is very unlike any colors I already own.  Crystal is filled with tons of rainbowy shimmer and gold flakes.  This is the only one I used three coats of, but it dried quickly.  This is so wintery to me - all it needs is a snowflake Konad design!

 *   *   *

Valerie is a very pretty dark purple filled with gold shimmer.  Like Sarah and Lisa, it was VERY pigmented and only needed one coat.  Like this entire collection, Valerie applied thin and easy and dried really fast.  Sorry for the messy application!  That's what polishing at 11:30 at night looks like.

 *   *   *

Lisa is a bright hot pink/red with tons of super-fine shimmer.  It covered pretty well with one coat, but I used two.  I really like this one (I'm wearing it today and a number of my students complimented it).  It reminds me a bit of OPI Deer Valley Spice.

Thanks for checking out Zoya's new holiday collection, Flame!
What do you think of these wintery polishes?

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LadyLuck said...

Lovely, this collection it really pretty :)

Unknown said...

Thanks LadyLuck!!

Faith J. said...

I think Tiffany is my favorite. Thanks for sharing these!

Unknown said...

Faith, I really like Tiffany too. Thanks for stopping by!

Unknown said...

I think its hilarious how they re-named it! I just ordered Valerie and Crystal, they are o pretty!

Megan Harmeyer said...

I don't care what the call them - they're all so gorgeous!! I ordered the whole set when they were released on 10/1. I wore Lisa earlier this week and gawd that's one hawt red!!

maisenzasmalto said...

I like this collection, I already ordered Gloria, Tiffany and Valerie, hope they arrive here soon!

-Diana- said...

Oh I really love these, to bad they are so expansive here :(

Iris @ said...

Writes on 'wanna-have-list' :) Such pretty colors!!

Erika said...

I think they are gorgeous. And they look great on you. :)

AnnKiins'♥ said...

Lovely collection but I agree, Crystal's the stand out of the group. So pretty!

Jenny$1983 said...

I just got Crystal in the post today! At £9.95 per bottle as the cheapest I could find, I tend to just buy the unique, standout polishes, and I think this definitely qualifies. I can't wait to try it! :)

Unknown said...


I thought I was going crazy with all the Zoya PR stuff recently with the "new" Flame collex! *wipes brow* I'm not crazy!

Kendal said...

Oh my, I must have Crystal.

kellie said...

Wow - the purple one looks like it would stain your fingertips/nails when you take it off!!

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