Thursday, December 23, 2010

Knifty Knitting

I've been knitting up a storm this past week using my Knifty Knitter.  I do test administration and college advising at local high schools, so during these last two weeks I took my Knifty Knitter with me to do some knitting during the down time.  None of my coworkers there had ever seen a Knifty Knitter before and they all wanted to know more about it, so I figured I'd share it with my crafty readers as well.  They make a great Christmas gift on their own, but they also make scarf making SO easy (which is also an excellent gift!).  I have made these three this year:

The green and the blue are for my Grandma, the purple is for her caretaker, Josephine.

The Knifty Knitter looks like this (above).  It is basically a loom.  You weave your yarn around the hooks (I normally just use the first 6 or 7) and then weave a second layer over top of that.  Then you lift the bottom layer of yarn up and over the second layer.  After that, you weave a new row over what was the bottom row.  It is seriously easy - I do it while I watch TV (and by the way, I've never been able to pick up real knitting.  I can crochet - slowly - but this is the only way I can make a real knitted scarf).
I always use two spools of Lion Brand yarn because it makes the scarves extra thick and plush.  The yarn I use costs about $5 each roll, so scarves end up being around $10 each.  They also have Knifty Knitters for making hats and socks, but I've never had much success with those.

Have you ever used a Knifty Knitter?  We first tried it when my sister won a Knifty Knitter set at Michael's 6 or 7 years ago.  After that we were both hooked.  I believe the looms cost around $8 each and I've seen them at JoAnns and Michaels.  I think there are other brands too, but I could be wrong - I've only used the Knifty Knitter brand but I saw what looked like other types at Michael's the other day.  I've had the same one for at least 6 years now, but I have to buy new needles/hooks each year because I constantly lose them (they are .99 cents).  The biggest expense is the yarn - I've never made them with anything but Lion Brand, but I've been looking at the cheaper ($2-$3 spools) lately and I would like to try making a scarf out of those.  Knifty Knitting is a really fun craft and a great way to make gifts.
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suburban prep said...

I have not knit with ta Knifty Knitter but I do knit. If you get a chance try some of the other yarns. Patons and Bernat and some of the yarns at a yarn store are wonderful too. I agree Lion Brand does have some yarns that are very nice but there are others that I like as well.

CucumPear said...

Interesting tool, I haven't used anything like that. But as I'm a pretty good knitter I don't really feel the need to use such gimmicks. The colours you chose are really pretty, especially the purple.

Y said...

Ooo! this looks really interesting! Can you only make scarves with it or can you make other things?

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