Monday, January 24, 2011

OPI Black Shatter

Happy Monday, everyone!  Mondays are always a lot better at the end of the day, aren't they?  This evening I have some pictures of OPI's new Black Shatter polish over Katy Perry's Teenage Dream.  Black Shatter is a lot like those shatter polishes from the '90's and early 2000's (remember those?).  I always wondered why they vanished, because the trend was pretty cool. So now we can have awesome shattered nails again!

OPI Black Shatter

For this manicure, I painted one coat of OPI Black Shatter over three coats of OPI Teenage Dream (after Teenage Dream was completely dry).  I made a video showing how the shatter works; check it out HERE.  Basically it shatters as it dries (which is FAST!).  I like how it looked over Teenage Dream - the glitter came through in a really cool, edgy way.

I can't wait to use this stuff next Halloween.  Thanks for dropping by!


Teri Barefoot said...

I so bad want a bottle of this I know that I will not find it here
are you having a lot of fun with it/

Kaitlyn said...

I've already ordered black shatter. I definitely want teenage dream, too. Is it as flake-y as the burlesque ones?

Unknown said...

Teri, perhaps there is a similar product available where you live? I've seen other types of shatters. It is a cool polish - especially for that edgy look.

Kaitlyn, Teenage Dream isn't as flakey as the Burlesque ones - the glitter is smaller and more contained. I feel like I could wear this one to work on a casual Friday - I could only wear the Burlesque ones to work during Mardi Gras!

Megan Harmeyer said...

WANT!! I picked up an old bottle of LOreal at Dollar Tree, but it wasn't as cool as this.

charmed-chick said...

this looks nice with the teenage dream base i have the Barry M instant nail effects version and i love it :)

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