Monday, February 7, 2011

February Pinks - In Sync with Pink

Can you believe it is February 7 already?  This month is flying by.  I'm still writing "2010" on everything and it's 1/4 through February!

OPI In Sync with Pink

Today I have a pink I bought (I think) 2 years ago.  I debated about this one for the longest time, but I've been really liking it the past two days.  It's a really pretty bright pink creme.  This was an Ulta exclusive for their Valentine's Day collection (although I always thought it was a nod to N'Sync).  It's a pretty pink - nothing super unique or "wow," but I like it.

I hope everyone is having a nice Monday!!

Hey, I just realized I did In Sync with Pink last February too!  Check out that post HERE.  (PS: My photography skills and nails have definitely improved!  Which reminds me - I need to do a post about how I finally got my nails to grow.)


Jenny$1983 said...

Yes you *do* need to do a post about how you got your nails to grow! Please :)

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