Sunday, February 13, 2011

February Pinks - Nicole

Nicole Never Give Up

This evening I have a pink that I'm kind of iffy on.  I REALLY like the color.  It is that gorgeous dark pink that looks great on everyone.  Plus, I was excited that it had shimmer - until I tried it on.  Some of the shimmer floated in that fabulous way that I've come to expect from polishes, but a lot of the glitter sunk to the bottom of my manicure, giving it this awful bumpy texture (and look!).  It is like, speckled.  I love the color, but the texture and bumpy look really killed it for me.  Is there any way to correct this?  I had a thin base coat on; I wonder if a thicker base coat could have somehow helped this?  Also, I didn't put any top coat over it (since I was so disgruntled with the texture I didn't plan on wearing it long).  Perhaps a thick coat (or two!) of Seche Vite would have helped to hide some of the imperfections.  The color is stunning though - I just wish they left out the glitter.  The irony of this post is that I wore this polish a few weeks ago and cannot find it ANYWHERE.  Therefore, it is currently nameless.  What on earth is this polish?  Any ideas?  Take a guess, please :)

I hope everyone has had a nice weekend!  I went to Red Robin yesterday with my birthday burger coupon (yay!).  I love their veggie burgers, but I always feel like I stumbled into a children's birthday party whenever I go there.  Today I went and looked at some model homes in the Middle of Nowhere, MD.  It was a long, long drive to the Middle of Nowhere, but the houses were really nice.  That being said, I don't really want to live in the Middle of Nowhere when everything else is right here.  Right now I'm mentally preparing for work tomorrow.  Why does tomorrow have to be Monday?  At least tomorrow is Valentine's Day, which makes it a much better Monday than usual.  I hope you've all had a fabulous and fun weekend, and I'm looking forward to sharing a FANTASTIC pink with you tomorrow :)


Libby's Pink Vanity said...

I adore this color! It's got everything in it I like. And, it looks great on you too.

Sara said...

Lovely shade of pink :) Looks beautiful on you.

Anonymous said...

I love this hot number. I don't think it's the one I have.

Lovely Addison said...

Oooo I live in MD. More of a city girl tho. lol

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