Monday, February 21, 2011

RED - Ali's Big Break

Ali's Big Break

I love this sparkly, bright red polish!  Ali's Big Break is part of OPI's recent Burlesque collection.  It dries fast and has a fabulous shiny candy apple red finish with just two coats.

So how is your Monday shaping up so far?  After last week's amazing weather, this week is sure to be painful with a chance of snow and temperatures well-below last week's high 60's.  But I am excited about the debates I am having my student hold this week in class.  I'm hoping to get the mock court room at the university for us to use also.  It should be fun.

Last night I was doing laundry and this Amazonian tarantula of a spider came running out of my laundry basket.  Unfortunately, my "flight or fight" instinct kicked in and I flung my clothes everywhere and jumped onto the bed (I don't think I've ever jumped that great of a distance in my life - my middle school gym teacher would have been proud).  By that time, the great beast of a spider had managed to hide itself somewhere in my room.  I sat on the bed while J carefully picked through my clothes piece by piece, but no spider.  Jump forward three hours.  I walk into the bathroom to take a shower and I see two giant legs poking out from behind the toilet.  So J manage to get a glass over it and a piece of cardboard under it and then we both just stood there debating how to get it out of the house for - I kid you not - an hour and a half.  There was talk of a vacuum suction that would transport it into the Dyson and then we could carry it away, as well as the traditional "carry the cup outside" method (whenever we got close enough to doing that we both freaked out).  This was a BIG spider - plus it kept lunging at us through the glass.  I even called my parents on the off-chance that they felt like driving over to my house at 10:30 at night to carry a spider outside (my mom's advice was to tell J to "man up" and for me to "quit being such a prima donna."  Thanks, mom).  So finally J came up with the rather brilliant idea of hot gluing the cardboard to the glass cup, then cutting the cardboard off once the spider was outside.  So we did just that: we hot glued the cardboard to the cup, safely carried the Amazon warrior up to the top of our neighborhood, and then cut the cardboard off - and it worked!  That spider marched off through the grass and we took off running in the other direction.  We are such huge wimps.  Tremendous wimps.  And I've spent today tip toeing around the house all day just in case his friends come jumping out.

Happy President's Day and I hope you had an adventure-filled weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hi Brooke,
My name is Mirjam and I live in Hilversum, the Netherlands. I really like your blog and one of your designs ("Diva to watch" :-) ) got my into Konad (allthough I haven't been succesfull in doing that design, I'm still practising and having fun with it!

Anyway, I just wanted to warn you; did you know that spiders always are together? So there must be a second one!


PS Sorry, bad joke; is not true from the two spiders, sorry! ;-) Really had a laugh on the spider story; you were really brave!

Stacie said...

Wow that's a great shade of red. I hate spiders so I couldn't read the rest of the post :D
Stacie xoxox

Anonymous said...

I am like that with spiders. I have a short version of something what NOT to do. DON'T use a measuring cup (like Pyrex). I never even thought about the spout (to ake pouring easier) and looked back and he was hanging outside of the cup I just trapped him in. I trapped him again and quickly let him loose outside. Never again, LOL.

Unknown said...

I had a similar situation with a centipede... Except instead of debating what to do with it, we were waiting to kill it. My boyfriend and I had a GIANT, MANEATING one crawl behind the heater in our old bathroom and we waited on it for so long to come out so we could murder it. I go straight for the kill when it comes to centipedes. We never did get it or see him again but we spent a long time in the bathroom that night... Me safely standing on a chair.

Jenny$1983 said...

lmao @ the spider story!

I have an actual spider catcher (like a pyramid with a bottom which slides off but doesn't remove, and a two-foot long handle), and have only once been unlucky enough to catch one which was nearly too big for it... *shivers* I'm utterly phobic about them and I hate it! I sweat, shake, shiver and even cry, and squeal? Oh yes! It's so unlike me, I hate having an irrational fear (although I say it's a biological thing, a primeval thing: I can't help it!), but I try never to kill them: it's not their fault, right? ;)

Paulina said...

I loved your story :)

I would have done the exact same thing.

Paulina said...

I loved your story :)

I would have done the exact same thing.

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