Thursday, March 17, 2011



Today I have the third 'mystery' green.  You all had some very confident guesses yesterday (I've got to say - you all know your polishes!).  Tonight I'll post the results of the three colors :)

So which green do you think this is?  OPI Don't Mess with OPI, China Glaze Starboard, or OPI Jade is the New Black?

OPI Don't Mess with OPI, China Glaze Starboard, OPI Jade is the New Black

This is the shamrock J got me.  Isn't it beautiful?  I have two others, but they are looking a bit scrubby right now since the cats have been munching on them all winter (and as you can see, the cats are already getting into this one!).  

What are your St. Patrick's Day traditions?  Do you have any fun plans for tonight?
My traditions have always included green food - dying the milk green, making green mashed potatoes (with a side of broccoli!), although my parents have always made corned beef and cabbage, so tonight I'm making some cabbage with potato wedges and homemade pizza with a spinach and basil crust (had to get that green in there somehow!).  One of my biggest traditions is wearing green clothes though (and clover jewelry!).  I've been wearing green all week!  I'll try to get a picture of my outfit this afternoon to post.

Have a great St. Patty's Day, hopefully filled with lots of good luck and pots of gold :)


Akuma Kanji said...

This is, obviously, CH Starboard and I love it!!!

Smoochiefrog said...


jen phifer said...

starboard? it looks good on you!

Mistress Zombie said...

Im going to agree... starboard

GothamPolish said...

I love the clover plant!!! We celebrate by watching Boondock Saints and making soda bread and corned beef & cabbage.

Lokum Hanim said...

For tonight we plan to wear green stuff and drink green beer in a Irish pub. It is always fun to listen Irish band and try to make their traditional dance =)

My choice is OPI Jade is a new black!!

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