Friday, April 1, 2011

The April Fool

So have you had any good April Fool pranks yet today?  One of my students got me.  He rushed into class, panicked.  "Professor, your car is being towed!"  I fell for it - before remembering that it was April Fool's Day!  We all had a good laugh.

This afternoon I tried out two of the AMAZING new Target-exclusive Nicole by OPI polishes: Daffy Dill and Brilliant Idea.  Green seems like a nice April Fool's Day color, and a bright, springy green is perfect for the first day of April!

Nicole by OPI Daffy Dill & Brilliant Idea

I painted two coats of Daffy Dill (which dried surprisingly fast) and then one coat of Brilliant Idea, a fun shimmery green with large and small glitter.  These two go SO well together.

Check out the post after this - my lemongrass Fiesta bowl is almost the exact same shade as Daffy Dill :)

Happy April Fool's Day!


Karo said...


Unknown said...

Thanks Karo!!! :)

Hook Prism Power said...

This is a great combo! It's so playful!

Libby's Pink Vanity said...

That's an awesome Spring combo. :)

Unknown said...

I love this mix! Great springy mani!

Anonymous said...

I told my boyfriend I couldn't catch up with him in the evening as we'd planned as an april fool. Two minutes later he told me there was some kind of huge stain in my pants and I fell for it, so stupid!
Anyways, I love the color and the glitters layered over it. :-)

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