Tuesday, April 5, 2011

China Glaze Island Escape - Summer 2011

China Glaze's new Island Escape Collection for Summer 2011 is full of gorgeous China Glaze-esque brights and glitters.  This fun collection is perfect for the warm weather that we are (finally!) enjoying.  Check out the swatches below and let me know what you think.

Electric Pineapple

Cute name, fun polish.  Electric Pineapple is a greenish pale yellow creme (slightly more green than it photographed as, but still quite yellow).  It covered great with two coats.

Papaya Punch

You know I have a special place in my heart for alliterative polishes.  Papaya Punch packs a nice, bright punch of orange, but it is the type of orange I like - more yellow based than red. This creme covered great with two coats.  This was the only one that I had a little trouble with - the first coat was thinner than I expected and went all over my cuticles.

108 Degrees

108 Degrees is a gorgeous bright pink base with lots of glass-like glitter, giving it an amazing shimmer.  As you can see, it is not entirely opaque, but a third coat may have solved that.

Senorita Bonita

Senorita Bonita is my absolute favorite from this collection.  I thought it was going to be just another usual purple, but this polish has SO much dimension and sparkle.  It really surprised me.  I used two coats for great, shimmery coverage.

Cha Cha Cha

Cha Cha Cha reminds me a lot of China Glaze Tree Hugger - a not entirely opaque, slightly shimmery bright green.  Cha Cha Cha is bright, fun, and loaded with shimmer (and less opaque than Tree Hugger).  It is a very pretty, summer-ready polish.

Blue Iguana

Is there such a thing as a blue iguana?  Blue Iguana is a poolside-ready bright blue with boatloads of silvery shimmer.  I used two coats for a slightly-sheer finish; I'm guessing four coats would have given a more opaque look.  Yet another fun, bright shade!

What do you think of this new perfect-for-summer collection?  Are you more excited about the bright cremes or the sultry shimmers?

All China Glaze polishes are free of DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde.  Learn more about China Glaze polishes at www.ChinaGlaze.com.  

Products provided by PR for review.


paintedbluestars said...

I want the orange and pink from this collection so bad:) I am glad to see they work out well

jaljen said...

I like Pineapple. Most of them are too wishy-washy for my liking. Not one of their better offerings.

Johnna said...

I am going to try and limit myself to the orange and the purple...we will have to see how well that goes. :P

Tierney said...

I loooove Blue Iguana and 108 Degrees. Those are the only two I have tried so far.

Unknown said...

Love them all :)

Jo said...

Senorita Bonita is my FAVOURITE.

Supersparklekitty said...

I can do without the first two,but the last four are outrageously gorgeous!

Justine (Productrater) said...

I love the first two! :)

Whitney @ ElementalStyles said...

I love these bright colors! They're going to look great in the summer with the sun shining!

Unknown said...

Glad you like them!!! And thanks so much for the comments. I like how this collection offered cremes for the creme lovers and shimmers for those of us who can't get enough glitter. It really had a nice variety. Plus, I'm just LOVING Senorita Bonita soo much!

Beatlemarta said...

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Electric Pineapple and Papaya Punch.

Anonymous said...

I love them all. I want to have Cha Cha Cha, Senorita Bonita and Blue Iguana.

Anonymous said...

So pretty!...just a uestion tho, were they hard to remove?


Unknown said...

Thanks everyone!!

Sarah, no they were SUPER easy to remove. There are not big pieces of glitter, so they all came off really easily. Plus, the colors were light :) I actually used my nail polish remover tub for these (it has a sponge in it - removes polish so easier and fast).

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