Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fancy French

French Manicure

Yesterday my sister's boyfriend, Andrew, graduated from college.  For the ceremony, I wore a french manicure.  I free-handed the white tips without nail guides using the Kiss nail art white polish, so they aren't perfect, but I think they look pretty nice, especially with the rhinestones.  Of course, the rhinestones came off while I was straightening my hair, so my nails ended up being a basic french mani - but still fancy!  I haven't worn a french manicure for a while (mainly because my index nail keeps getting broken); this reminds me how much I like this look.

Congratulations Andrew!


Hennie said...

Very pretty and elegant! You did a smashing job freehanding those tips!

k . . . said...

Great nails Brooke! And I guess you would be the one not clutching the bf's arm right? lol You and your sis look great!!
xoxo, KK

p.s. How does one patch a broken nail?

Anonymous said...

you did a great job on doing the white tips free hand!! I can never do it without the guides!
Looks really elegant!
Nice blog by the way! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks The Nail Buff!!

Thanks Krystia! haha, no actually, I'm the one on the left (in pink). I guess that's a pose I've developed after years of posing with my fiance! haha. I'm planning a post on fixing broken nails soon :)

Julie, thank you!!! and thank you about my blog too!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Andrew! I have never done a French before. I want to try freehanding it one day.

Erika said...

Great French. If you can freehand like that, you don't need guides. :D

Congratulations, Andrew!

ch3rryco1a said...

I always feel like my nails are so long with a french manicure! This looks very nice on you. :)

Anonymous said...

I tagged ya for an award btw:

Sminkan said...

It looks so crisp and clean! nice job!

Unknown said...

Thank you kittypolishandbags!! And thanks for the award!

Thanks Ice Queen, ans thank you for the compliment too!!

Cherrycola, I feel the same way, they give this great illusion of length!

Thank you Sminkan!!

Sarah said...

Real nice free hand tips!

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