Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lazy Sunday

This past week has flown by.  I finished the semester at one of the colleges I teach at on Friday, so I've spent this lazy weekend grading essays and looking at homes (J and I are on a house hunt!).  Here are some pictures for the past few days:

On Thursday I went to a Vera Bradley event at the mall.  I couldn't resist these beautiful Viva la Vera cookies made by the Cookie Cottage.  I was hoping to find the Vera Bradley coffee cup I had seen online, but they didn't have any available in store.  Yet I still picked up a new bag for work and a tote for travel; they had 20% off one item, plus a free $20 gift card with $100 purchase, so it was a pretty good deal.  My sister and I also got our mom a Mother's Day gift, but I can't post pictures here :)

I used these beautiful pink and green ribbons to tie back my curtains to let in the sunlight (which lasts until almost 8 in the evening now!).

I finally got my hair cut (the last time was in August...)
Before and after the cut

For Easter, J's mother, Debbie brought all sorts of delicious fruit.  Ever since, I can't get enough - and the natural sugar is helping wean me off of all the Easter chocolate and sweets. 

A late lunch Friday, with a side of Marscarpone cheese.  

This weekend I also checked out some new shoes.  I looked at some of Become's footjoy classics, which are great shoes for feet like mine that typically suffer from some pain.  I was also interested in their nurture shoes, since these tend to also be shoes that will comfort tired, aching feet.  I was really impressed with Become's huge selection of great shoes, plus they offer excellent prices.
In addition to offering comfortable, class shoes, Become also has a wide range of high top shoes, which were popular in the '80's and have made a recent fashion revival!  Check out Become for your next shoe purchase.  

I hope you're enjoying the weekend!  What have you done these past few days?


Unknown said...

Brooke, you look so grown up! I mean, I know you are a grown-up, but I am blown away by how put together you look! xoxo

Unknown said...

Delicious pics!
Happy day <33

Giuditta said...

Wow you make really nice pictures!
And the fruit makes me drool...

By the way I tagged you for an award on my blog: I hope you like it, I love your blog :-)

maisenzasmalto said...

Nice pictures, very relaxing!!
I love your haircut!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the pics Brooke! I love the Vera Brandley cookie details! I haven't cut my hair in 2 years....oops! Time to go soon eh?

Unknown said...

The new cut looks great!

Crystal said...

that fruit looks delicious and you look fabulous!

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