Sunday, June 12, 2011

Babbling Brooke gets a Makeover!!

My blog had been in serious need of a makeover for years.  My previous design was a hodgepodge that I had put together and it truly was a mess.  I have been wanting to do a redesign for a long time, and being the DIYer that I am, I thought I could do it myself.  But after spending hours upon hours reading tutorials and even signing up for an html course, I still couldn't make something that I was proud to share.

That's when Custom Scrapbook Blog Designs came to my rescue.

Summaiyah, the design maven behind Custom Scrapbook Blog Designs, made the blog design process look effortless.  She completely redesigned my blog exactly to my specifications and she kept me involved the entire time so there were never any surprises.

To start the design process, I filled out a survey identifying exactly what I was looking for in a blog redesign.  I also had the opportunity to select the design elements, colors, and backgrounds (from a nearly unlimited selection) that best fit me.  Then the designer created six different headers and sent them to me to start narrowing down what I liked and what I didn't like.

Summaiyah kept me up to date during the design process and made the page she was building available by link so I could see how things were progressing.  She asked for my feedback throughout the process, which I really appreciated, and she always made sure I was happy with how the design was coming along.

I must have sent Summaiyah at least twenty emails asking for changes or thinking of things to add (custom navigation bar! right aligned sidebars!).  She was always so quick to respond and she answered all of my questions.  On top of that, she was always so gracious, friendly, and helpful.  I really appreciated working with someone so kind and knowledgeable.

I am loving how my new design turned out.  I wanted something organized, functional, and clean and this fits that perfectly.  Working with Custom Scrapbook Blog Designs made the design process a breeze.  I can't believe how easy it was - and how quickly I have my great, new blog design.  Plus, working with Summaiyah was fantastic!

The header Summaiyah at Custom Scrapbook Blog Designs designed for Aurora Moments Photography

The Custom Scrapbook Blog Designs design process is super easy.  To get started, visit Custom Scrapbook Blog Designs and check out what they have to offer, then just request a quote based on what changes you would like to make to your blog.

Custom Scrapbook Blog Designs offers packages as well as items that you can choose from a la carte.  In addition to that, Summaiyah provides free tutorials right on her blog for DIYers.  For example, just this week she went through the steps to back up your blog posts (which is SO important and something everyone should do!).

Thank you so much to Custom Scrapbook Blog Designs for the fabulous blog makeover!!


Vanessa said...

I love your new layout! It looks great :)

Unknown said...

Thanks so much Vanessa!!

Hennie said...

Super cute! Love it :)

Geo58 said...

Brooke: I Love the new layout and so happy for you. It looks so professional and such a sophisticated design, it's really you! and what you have to offer everyone here, Love it. I am sure you will receive tons of compliments all about it.

I could say tons now! LOL


George :)

Custom Scrapbook Blog Designs said...

I'm so glad you loved the way it turned out! :)

Michelle L. said...

I love the picture of the blog makeover. The colors are perfect & the little birdie is so cute. But when I look at your blog somehow I'm still seeing the old multicolor flowered background. I even cleared my cache, etc. Any suggestions on how I can get all of the makeover to show up?

Unknown said...

Thanks George!

Michelle, you are not imagining things :) The background was no longer supported by the image hoster :( so I replaced it with my old background. But I still love the new design!! :)

Anonymous said...

I really like your design but can you make it so it won't open a new page every time you click 'older posts'

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