Monday, July 25, 2011

Coastal Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer Palette

I bought a Coastal Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer Palette earlier this week because I was intrigued by the number of colors (88!) for the price ($20).  The palette arrived today (I ordered it just two days ago, so it arrived quickly, but shipping was high).

First impression: the individual shadows are VERY small.  A bit smaller than a dime each, and not very deep.  But while I read many reviews that shadows came cracked or broken, mine arrived in perfect condition.

After playing around with the shadows a bit, I am really happy I chose the Shimmer Palette.  There is a really nice selection of fun colors and I love how shimmery they are - without being frosty.  The shadows are harder than I am used to from more expensive brands, but if you are just looking for something to give you a wide range of colors, this is a nice set.  There was some minor fallout from some of the shadows I tried, but not all of them.  They applied nicely wet or dry and although they didn't blend as well as more high-end shadows, they are blendable.  I applied the shadows without primer and they came out moderately pigmented.

This is a fun set for experimenting with colors, but the shadows are not the highest quality.  That being said, I'm happy to have such a variety of shadow colors, since I typically just wear neutrals.  It is a fun palette to have!

The 88 Ultra Shimmer Palette is available for $19.95 from


Arianne said...

hope u can do a look on this some day :) i like matte palettes for some reason

Libby's Pink Vanity said...

Thanks for the review. Even though I surely do NOT need any shadows, I have been tempted to get this.

bishakhasen said...

thanks for giving a balanced impartial revew. typically everyone says " YAY> they are great " and that's it. it helps to have a balanced opnion . sometimes also we want to know what the true quality is . At the end of the day whether it costs 5 or 50, when we are talking about quality , we want to know the truth . Just because something is cheap , it's not okay for it too be crappy quality. that being said , to be fair , the buyer wants to know do you get what you pay for or is it a case of bias and also how does a cheaper brand compare to a high end brand and then decide for themse ves if they want so- so performing shades of makeup for less money or wait and buy fewer high end makeup .

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