Friday, July 15, 2011

Glam Slam!

OPI Rally Pretty Pink

OPI Red Shatter over OPI Rally Pretty Pink

To be honest, I don't love this combination; I'm not a fan of pink and red shades together, and I'm not loving how the Shatter looks a bit blood-like.  But I think the base shade is gorgeous.  Rally Pretty Pink is a mauve-ish hue with tons of shimmery gold.  It is slightly sheer.

I LOVED the combination of Spark De Triomphe and White Shatter.  Check out pictures HERE!
Which Glam Slam combination do you like the most?


Swatch And Learn said...

Rally Pretty Pink is drool-worthy! I love how it's the pink version of the purple It's My Year.

And I agree with you - not loving the combination of the red shatter on top.
- Mary

haleygp said...

Rally Pretty Pink is one of my favorite shades of all time. Love the duo chrome! But I agree with the red shatter. It looks weird over the pink/gold. At least your red shatters though! Mine shatters into tiny skinny lines...

cathryn said...

giirl im glad you said it. that red shatter is pretty horrific. love the base color though!

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