Friday, July 1, 2011

OPI Shatters

OPI's new Shatter polishes have taken off like wildfire.  I constantly see people wearing shattered manicures and I get frequent emails asking about the shattered look.  OPI introduced Black Shatter a while back, but just recently came out with White Shatter, Red Shatter, and the four new shattered polishes below: Navy Shatter, Silver Shatter, Blue Shatter, and Turquoise Shatter.  Which one is your favorite?

OPI Navy Shatter over OPI Sparrow Me the Drama

OPI Silver Shatter over OPI Steady As She Rose

OPI Blue Shatter over OPI Skull & Crossbones

OPI Turquoise Shatter over OPI Mermaid Tears

OPI White Shatter over OPI Spark de Triomphe

All OPI Shatters should be applied over dry polish.  OPI Shatters are available at salons and stores OPI polishes are sold.  Learn more at


Unknown said...

I <3 the black one. I found Navy the other day & my SIL found Red for me today. Now I just need White, Blue, silver, & Turquoise. They're so amazing and very helpful to turn a fail mani into something better!

Toyomi said...

The first color combo is my favorite :D They all look nice though .

Unknown said...

hahaha, TrailerHood Chic, I like that: "turn a fail mani into something better" because that is so true! Actually, if you look really closely, you can see that the Blue Shatter polish is over the mani I have been wearing for the past few days! lol

Toyomi, I like the first one a lot too. I agree with you: I think they look more impressive over brighter polishes where you can really see the shatter effect happening. Thanks!! :)

Whitney @ ElementalStyles said...

I really love the look of the navy over the pink. Beautiful!!

Jill said...

I'm wearing the same exact combo of Sparrow Me the Drama under Navy Shatter right now haha! I even put an entry about it in my blog too. It's an awesome combo!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much Whitney!

Jill, great minds think alike!! I agree - it is an awesome combo. Heading to your blog now to see it :)

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