Wednesday, July 27, 2011

OPI Skulls & Crossbones

OPI Skulls & Crossbones

OPI Skulls & Crossbones is a very light gray creme.  I used two coats.  I like this color because it is different; I used it for this swirled manicure a few weeks ago.  I also like that chips don't show as well.

The weather this week has been beautiful; the tomatoes are doing great, and the dogs love spending time outdoors.

Today is also a great day because today is my friend Melanie's birthday.


Karo said...

I like this colour! :)

Mel said...


I love that the name of today's polish is Halloween-esque :) Seems fitting! Can't wait to see you soon! We need to find a time ASAP.


beachgal said...

I took a pass on the entire POTC collection and only ended up with 3 of them when I bid on a 'deal' that was great on eBay for Sparrow, Planks and Steady as She Rose. Got them all for $6.33 with $1.50 ship. I had been not drawn to any of them...but if I was going to pick up any for full $ it as going to be Planks or Steady as She Rose. So not a fan of Skull & X-bones. Way to pale for me. I look ill in shades like that and it brings out all the ruddiness in my hands.

Kaitlyn Dawn said...


Alaina said...

Pretty color and cute dogs. Great post. :)

Marta said...

I just bought a mini of it last week but I have to say that I now need a bigger bottle... It is the warmest gray I've ever seen. Soo pretty. Looks gorgeous on you!!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks Karo!!

Happy Birthday, Melanie!! I hope you had a great birthday - and yes, our Halloween party will be here soon (too soon!! I don't want summer to be over!!). xoxo

Beachgal, AWESOME deal (I've never actually bought polish on ebay.. maybe I should start looking!). I loved the 2 pinks and the purple from the POTC collection; the others are fun I always love pinks and purples. My hands can look a little funny with certain colors too.. I always end up noticing when I'm cropping photos for posts and I look at my hands and I'm like "Yeeks,. I can't show my hand looking like THAT" lol.

Thanks Persnickety!!

Thanks Alaina, about the polish and the doggies! I love them so much :)

Marta, it is a warm gray - good point! I do love gray polishes (especially in the fall!)

Crystal said...

i have a thing with playa del platinum soon as i remove it I re-apply it....

Hugs to the doggies! :)

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