Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pretty in Purple

Zoya Mimi

Mimi is a gorgeous color both in the bottle and worn on nails.  It is loaded with glitter and iridescent shimmer that is so hard to capture with a camera.  For months now, I would think of this color and go looking for it in my polish bins, time after time.  Each time I would give it up for lost.  It wasn't until I was talking with my sister a few weeks ago, bemoaning the loss of one of my favorite purple polishes, that she revealed that Zoya Mimi had been at her house for months!  I love how glittery this rich, deep purple is - plus, it covers with just 2 coats and dries quickly.

What is your favorite purple polish?


Karo said...

Chanel Paradoxal!
I love this colour!
But I like Zoya Mimi too! :)

Allison said...

Ooh I love that color :) I really like OPI Do You Lilac It!

beachgal said...

Mimi is a great shade. But then I have a HUGE Zoya polish bias. I love their polish. They come up with great shades and almost always a superior formula. I have Zoya Sunshine collection Kimmy on my toes right now! It's there spoons that got me, If I can see the polish in my hand, try it on my skin ton and still get all the $ back in credit for the spoons I have bought - that to me is a major win - plus free ship after $50 also is a win. I almost always opt to pay the extra $2 for a 2nd day ship so I don't have to wait! I can afford $2 to get my shipments. Folks if you have not tried Zoya - you NEED TO!

Akuma Kanji said...

Wow, the last photo shows a very different colour form all the others! But it looks amazing in all of them. I have lots of purples thanks to my sister because it is her favourite colour :P but as I like it a lot as well I must say my favourite among them is Essence Colour&Go Break Through

Anonymous said...

My favorite purple would be China Glaze Anklets of Amethyst I think. Either that or just like you, Zoya Mimi.

polishloving said...

that looks a bit like a lighter version of orly out of this world >.< cool :) fave purple would be opi show it and glow it :D

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