Monday, August 22, 2011

The Antiques Roadshow

The weekend before last, my mom and I drove to Pittsburgh for the Antiques Roadshow!  We weren't filmed for a segment, but we are hovering awkwardly waiting in line in the background of two segments they filmed.  On top of that, our chair was appraised by Andrew Brunk, my favorite appraiser!  It was strange seeing so many people that I have seen on TV all around the Antiques Roadshow tent.  The best part of the Roadshow was meeting so many interesting people and seeing what they brought. It was such a fun experience and I hope my mom and I get to go back someday.  

At the Antiques Roadshow, everyone waited in a long line in one section of the convention center before we were given tickets based on our item categories (furniture, artwork, etc.), then we went into another area of the convention center (where photography was not allowed) and got into lines based on our item categories.  Two of the category lines we stood in lasted minutes, but the third one we got into took about 90 minutes.  These category lines sort of spiraled off of a circle of temporary walls; inside of the temporary walls, the appraisers made the appraisals and television segments were filmed.  A few segments, such as a very tall grandfather clock, were filmed outside of the temporary wall area.

On the way home from Pittsburgh, we made a detour into Newell, WV to visit the Fiestaware Factory (more about that later because it was amazing!) and then drove an extra couple of miles into Ohio because my mom had never been to Ohio before!

In the town next to Newell, WV, we saw the World's Largest Teapot!  Chester, WV was such a cute town too.  I really wish this teapot was made from Fiesta (or made to look like Fiesta); how cute would that have been?  


Megan Harmeyer said...

We're watching Antiques Roadshow right now! I love that show, though I doubt we'll ever be on it because the one thing we'd have to be appraised would not be worth much now because we've painted over it. LOL

Traci said...

So, how much is your chair worth?! Love that BIG teapot! It looks like an antique, too!

beachgal said...

Fun fun! I went to one in Palm Springs CA a # of years ago. It was off season so we got a really good deal on a motel too. Total fun. I got info on a 1850's French lamp I have - filmed but cut.

Unknown said...

What a great day!!! So how much did the chair go for?

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