Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Color Club Back to Boho

Color Club
Back to Boho

Today I have the Color Club Back to Boho collection for Fall 2011.  I used two coats for each polish.  All photos can be enlarged just by clicking on them.  Check out the swatches and let me know what you think!

Shabby Drab
I LOVE this gorgeous medium purple creme!  It is light, soft, and summery and applied so nicely and streak free.  One of my favorites in the collection and a color I will certainly return to.

New Bohemian
This is a very "Tiffany Blue" creme, although perhaps a hint lighter.  

Earthy Angel
This isn't a color I would typically gravitate to, but I really liked how it looked with my skin tone (if only I was a bit tanner I'd have a perfect mannequin hands shade!).  Earthy Angel is a soft, peachy nude creme.

Nomadic in Nude
Nomadic in Nude is a very light tan creme that applied nicely.

Artsy Crafty
This is a nice dark green jelly.  It could have benefit from a third coat, as it applied slightly sheer in some places.

Rad Nomad
Rad Nomad is a nicely dusty plum with a ton of shine.  Like Artsy Crafty, it would have benefitted from a third coat to even out the jelly finish.

Nouveau Vintage
Nouveau Vintage is a STUNNING polish.  In the bottle, it is super duochromy with shades of copper and green.  On the nail, it comes out mainly copper with a hint of green, but it is beautiful.  Nouveau Vintage is loaded with glitter and dries quickly.  This is the absolute standout in the collection - it is a true winner.

Boho Mojo
This is a pearlescent silver polish.  It showed brush strokes in a metallic-way; it looked a lot like the inside of a shimmery seashell to me. 

Voodoo You Do
Like the previous two, Voodoo You Do is a very pretty unique shade, and also like Nouveau Vintage and Boho Mojo, it is one of my favorite polishes in the collection.  Dark and metallic, this gunmetal green is a true individual.

Red-ical Gypsy
A red jelly, which I still consider fairly rare.  Nice, squishy look that jelly-lovers love, with a hint of visible nail line.  Three coats would have likely given a more opaque look.  This one stained my nails, so make sure to wear a base coat (or perhaps wear it over a white or a color like Nomadic in Nude to hide the visible nail line and protect your nails).

A very dark blue jelly.  One coat gives a sheer wash of color, while three coats would have provided a dark, opaque finish.

Rebel Spirit
While this looks almost brown, it is actually more of a purple wine jelly.

Color Club products are available at major polish retailers and all Color Club polishes are never tested on animals.  Learn more at

Which Back to Boho shades do you like the most?


DesertNails8 said...

I like New Bohemian best as spring-like colors look good on me.

Melany said...

I love New Bohemian & Shabby Drab!

Anonymous said...

I'm only interested in Noveau Vintage. Hah! My wallet is happy. Thanks for the swatches!

maisenzasmalto said...

They are all pretty (except the frost-y, too many VBS) but I think that Nouveau Vintage is the most relevant of the "bunch"!

beachgal said...

I love the whole collection photo all lined up! Makes me want them all...but of course I won't get them all. I can't ever find Color Club anywhere but on eBay. We have nowhere that sells this brand.

beachgal said...

Oh and forgot to put down which I gravitated to - Rad Nomad and Earthy Angel seem like something I would want.

Alaina said...

Nouveau Vintage is gorgeous! I like all of them but NV most of all. Here's hoping they'll make their way to Ross or TJ Maxx quickly after they release so I can get them on the cheap. :)

Noir Lacquer said...

I love them all! Great collection!

Istituto Marangoni said...

New York University
nice post, thanks for sharing....

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