Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nicole by OPI for Target

Today I have the four new polishes joining the Nicole by OPI Target-exclusive collection.  For each swatch I used two coats.

It's Not Me, It's Blue

This is a unique shade; It's Not Me, It's Blue is more purple than blue with tons of silver shimmer and glitter.  This is a very metallic polish.

Sounds Grape to Me

Sounds Grape To Me is a duochrome reddish purple with hints of pink and gold.

I Love You Cherry-Much

This is a bright red loaded with glitter; it has a slight magenta sheen to it.  A very pretty bright red.

Green Up Your Act

This is more of a dusty teal than a green, but I really like this color.  It turned out to be my favorite of the group.  It applied very nicely.

Which one of these Target-only shades is your favorite?


KarenD said...

I bought the green and blue but haven't tried them yet. The other two seem similar to other things I already have, but I admit I'm tempted by the grape one.

Laura said...

I love them all, especially the blue and green ones.

Oh That Jenna said...

It's Not Me, It's Blue is right up my alley! Need to make a Target trip today :)

beachgal said...

I love you cherry much has my name all over it! Great shots! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty fond of them all, but what I think I like best is that "sounds grape to me" is actually closer to the shade of grapes then most polishes with grape in the name.

Minza said...

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Unknown said...

Thanks everyone, and glad you liked them! I used Green Up Your Act again - I really like it!

Anonymous, that is a REALLY good point - and I didn't even consider that. It truly is the color of grapes (the real ones, not Jolly Rancher ones, lol).

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