Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kardashian Collection - Nicole by OPI (part 2)

Rainbow in the S-Kylie
Christmas-toned silver, red, and green chunky glitter in a clear base

Sealed with a Kris
Maroon jelly

Follow Me with Glitter
Really cool metallic nickel-toned shimmer with a small amount of medium-sized chunky rainbow glitter.  This is a cool shade and one of the most unique here.

Kendall on the Katwalk
Pretty blue loaded with blue glitter

Listen to your Momager!
Gorgeous dark blue with very fine shimmer

Khloe had a Little Lam-Lam
Greenish blue creme


Sharon said...

OOO Follow Me with Glitter completely caught my eye
haha these polish names are so pun-ny especially like Kendal on the Katwalk and Sealed with a KRIS!


Unknown said...

Thanks Sharon!! I think the names are so funny :)

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