Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pretty in Pink

OPI Be A Dahlia, Won't You?

J saw my post about how much I loved this gorgeous sparkly shade, so he surprised me with not one but two bottles of it!  I LOVE it even more now (and I understand why beachgal has multiple bottles of it stashed away!).  I love everything about this one.  I'm so happy to have it!

Polka dotted
(my ring fingernail was already starting to break here - it totally broke off today!)


beachgal said...

I love this shade. But then I am a fuchsia gal. I wore this in place of my traditional Pompeii Purple a lot this summer. Thanks for the PINK! I am having some major PINK strong surgery tomorrow.

Thays said...

Your nails are beautiful.

Unknown said...

beachgal - I know you love this one, and I am so happy to have it now!! (I love Pompeii too btw!!). Surgery?? Oh no - I hope everything is ok!

Thanks so much, Tata!!

nailcare said...

The last reminds me of the coccinella septempunctata.But cute

Naples Pest Control said...

your nails are so pretty and you too so wonderful i like it so much

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