Friday, April 6, 2012

OPI New York City Ballet

OPI Soft Shades Spring 2012
New York City Ballet

OPI's Soft Shades are always very light and sheer, which I find so lovely and appealing.  Perhaps it is because they are so super feminine, and this collection ups the feminine factor even more by joining forces with the New York City Ballet.  

You Callin' Me a Lyre?
You Callin' Me a Lyre?
A sheer peach.  Two coats.

My Pointe Exactly
The shade surprised me because it looks so gray in the bottle.  It is very sheer (this is two thin coats).  I actually think this is a pretty unique shade.

Barre My Soul

Barre My Soul
A sheer nude.  I used two thin coats.

Care to Danse?

Care to Danse?
Care to Danse? is the most pink shade in the collection.  It is a very sheer, lightly pigmented pink that differs only slightly from Barre My Soul (it is more pink, while Barre is more nude).

Don't Touch My Tutu!

Don't Touch My Tutu!
This is my favorite in the collection.  It is a soft white, cloudy, cotton-candy, floaty shade.  I used two coats.

Pirouette My Whistle
Clear base with very fine silver glitter and large hexagonal-shaped silver glitter.  For this swatch, I used one coat of Pirouette over Care to Danse?

This soft collection is available at OPI retailers now.  Visit for more information.


Kelsey said...

They're all so light! I guess that makes sense since its a ballet collection, but I wish they had thrown a darker grey or something in there.

Unknown said...

I know - they are super light (in fact, I made sure to keep them lined up on my table after I photographed them so I wouldn't mix them up once I uploaded them!). But I can actually see differences between each. What always surprises me in how dark they look in the bottle but how light they are on my nails. I really like Don't Touch My Tute! (and the cute name!!).

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