Friday, April 6, 2012

Target-exclusive shades from Nicole by OPI

I have swatches of four great new Target-exclusive shades today!  Every time I go to Target with my mother or my sister, we end up standing in the polish section looking at bottle after bottle of Nicole by OPI.  I love that Target carries Nicole polishes now, and the four shades are a nice addition to the line.  I especially love Great Minds Pink Alike and Purple Yourself Together.  

Nicole by OPI Great Minds Pink Alike, Purple Yourself Together, That's Totally Red-ical, and Look at Me Look at Me

Great Minds Pink Alike
Beautiful bubblegum pink with lots of gold and pink shimmer.  This color is so much prettier than it is photographing because the shimmer is reflecting and my camera had trouble capturing it.  I used two coats and I did not want to take this swatch off.  In fact, when I finished swatching, I re-polished with this shade!

Purple Yourself Together
Maybe I am just gaga for glitter right now, but this shimmery golden deep purple is just OUTSTANDING, in my opinion.  The purple is beautiful - the perfect combination and nice and vibrant.  Plus, the super fine gold shimmer gives this shade an incredible shine.  I am just so excited about this one.  It is so pretty!

That's Totally Red-ical
This is a classic, bright red creme, with a hint of super-fine shimmer.  This is a great work-ready red or a fun date-night shade.

Look at Me, Look at Me
To be honest, I don't like how this looks over top of That's Totally Red-ical, and I actually think it could have stood on it's own.  I used it as a shimmer topcoat, when in reality, it is a sparkly silver that is dense and thick enough to be worn as a polish (not as a topper).  This is a very pretty silver with lots of fine silver and red glitter.  It's a fun, current shade.

These shades retail for $7.04 each and are available now at Target.  Learn more at  
What do you think?  Are you loving any of these for spring?  Thanks for reading :)


Unknown said...

I like the purple one with the hint of gold :) nice post! :D

Unknown said...

Thanks Katrina! I love the purple too :)

Rayya said...

I would love to see Look At Me, Look At Me on its own.. its looks so different? zz

Kimberley said...

I got Look At Me, Look At Me and I really want Great Minds Pink Alike.

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