Thursday, June 28, 2012

Vera Bradley Campus Bedding Event

This morning, my sister and I woke up bright and early, met at a nearby park and ride, and drove to the nearest Vera Bradley for a new product release.  We got there at 7:40 and ended up being the first in line.  The event showcased the new dorm room products and the adorable bedding line (comforters, pillows, and a super-soft and big throw blanket that I want soo much).

The event was pretty packed, and there were giveaways every 15 minutes (but you had to be present to win).  So we checked out the products and then hung around for the giveaways.  They had cute bags of popcorn, pretty little water bottles, and cute gift bags that were PERFECT for me.

Inside each gift bag was a custom color polish (I got a pretty pink and my sister got purple, our favorite colors), SUPER cute nail applications in Indigo Pop, and a pretty nail file in Va Va Bloom.

The best part?  Kelsey won the third raffle and got this ADORABLE throw blanket (it is all folded here), and then I won the fifth raffle and got a $20 gift card!  It was a lot of fun and it was exciting not only winning something, but getting the cute gift bags.  I am currently wearing these INSANELY durable new OPI Nail Apps (it has been one week as of tomorrow and they still look great!), but when I try out the Vera Bradley ones, I'll be sure to post pictures.


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