Friday, July 6, 2012

Decorative Curtain How To

These new decorative curtains I made for my kitchen were SO easy, and what I love about them is that I could choose any fabric I wanted.  For this, I used a Waverly print from the Williamsburg collection.  I chose a outdoor fabric so that these would resist fading, since our kitchen gets a lot of sunlight.

The hardest part about these is building the base.  My father built these for me as a birthday gift.  You could easily ask someone at your local hardware store if they can recommend anyone who could make similar boxes.

Next, staple a thin, lightweight batting around the boxes.  This will give the corners a slightly softer look.

Finally, cut your fabric so it can wrap around all sides of the box.  Using a staple gun, staple the fabric around the inside of the box.  Make sure to fold the corners carefully (see above) so that the seams are hidden.

To attach, I drilled two 4 inch metal brackets on either side of each window, then after positioning the boxes on the brackets, I screwed the bracket to the underside of the top of the window box.

Not curtains, but I recently switched my vine plant for this fun spiky one and I love how it looks with my Fiestaware!

Gorgeous hydrangeas from the yard.  Hydrangea bushes are so incredibly rewarding.  I want to try experimenting with acid levels next year (lime) and see if I can get them to bloom pink.


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