Sunday, July 1, 2012

Festive Fourth Knotted Wreath How To

In many areas here in Maryland, we are suffering power outages.  Unfortunately, my house has been without power since late Friday night.  Without power, I've been gardening, reading, and crafting - which has actually been quite fun (other than the tremendous temperatures and lack of air conditioning and light).  

Yesterday, my sister and I made 4th of July wreaths based on an idea she saw in a magazine at the gym.  We picked out some fabrics at JoAnns in cute patriotic prints, got a 12 inch foam wreath, and started cutting and tying.  This wreath couldn't be easier, and it was fun to make too. 

  • 5 different fabrics, 1/4 yard each
  • 12 inch foam wreath


  • Fold each piece of fabric into thirds (width-wise), and cut so you have three pieces of fabric (each about 12 inches wide).  Next, fold fabric in half length-wise and cut.  Fold these pieces in half again length-wise and cut.  You will end up with 12 strips of each color.

  • Knot each fabric strip once, with the knot facing the front of the wreath.  Next, pinch the remaining ends of the fabric so only the printed side shows and double knot the fabric, again making sure the knot is in the front of the wreath.

  • Continue double knotting the fabric, varying the placement of the knots.  I tied mine in the order the fabrics are laid out.

  • Continue tying until the entire wreath is covered.  If desired, use a remaining piece of fabric to sew a loop to hold the wreath.



new2wearingpolish said...

I love this! I imagine one could be made for each holiday. I hope the electricity gets back on soon. I cannot even begin to imagine how tough this must be for everyone affected.

Unknown said...

Thank you new2wearingpolish! I was thinking the same thing. It would be fun to make a holiday one, or one for Valentine's day! The 4th of July fabrics were 50% off at Joanns, so the entire project ended up costing just over $8 (my sisters was around $7.80 because she got cheaper fabrics). It is a fun, cheap, and easy craft :)

I hope we get electricity soon too! It is very weird here without it - not just as home, but around town. All the gas stations are out of gas and ice, and everyone is eating out because they don't have power, so the restaurants are PACKED. Hopefully soon BGE will get everything restored - I know they are hard at work!

Thanks for commenting :)

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