Saturday, July 14, 2012



This is a really pretty blue creme, and perfect for Nikki Minaj!  I think it is really pretty and fun, but not necessarily unique (although we often feel that way about cremes, don't we?)

Thanks to Stephanie and Jen for the correction!  That's what happens when I write posts late at night (after spending the entire day moving pictures to my external hard drive, Drop Box (until it filled up - boo), and SkyDrive (not yet full, but sooo slow)).  After I got my MacBook back from Apple (it didn't work for 2 months and they got it to turn on!) it resumed running really slowly, so I am working on ways to enable it to run as fast as possible.  Hopefully moving all my photos off of it will help (and once SkyDrive finishes, I'll see!).


Stephanie said...

Wait, I thought Thanks A Windmillion was green?

Jen said...

Looks like OPI Fly here - Im wondering if you have a mislabeled bottle? Thanks A Windmillion is a dusty, almost dirty pale green. It is hardly blue at all.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much Stephanie and Jen! I am just typing on autopilot apparently. I wrote an upcoming post about Thanks a WindMillion and apparently I liked the name so much, I gave it to Fly! I appreciate that you two noticed the error. Thanks!

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Really beautiful color.
Beauty, Fashion and Seattle

Jen said...

Phew, pleased to hear it was OPI Fly! I had such a hard time taking photos of that polish too, exactly the same issues as you. I need to get it out again now :)

Stephanie said...

Haha, no problem! I didn't mean for it to sound mean or anything, just got confused!

Babbling Brooke said...

Thanks Girlie!

Jen, yeah, some blues just go crazy in the camera - and those purples! Wish I could always photo pinks :) haha

Stephanie, not at all! I am SO glad you helped me out! Think how awful it would of been to have that up for a while and confuse people too (and have them potentially order the wrong shade! yeeks!). Thanks for the help!

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