Friday, August 10, 2012

New OPI DS Polishes! Luxurious and Indulgence


OPI DS Luxurious

Neither Luxurious or Indulgence are holographic like many DS polishes are, but the shimmer and glitter that is packed into these polishes make these totally silver-cap worthy.  Luxurious is a glowing orange (although OPI describes it as a red) with loads of foil-flecked shimmery.  It really glows.  All of these images are indoors, with natural sunlight; Luxurious is this brilliant inside!


With 1 coat, it is a deep pink!

OPI DS Indulgence

Indulgence is a shimmery, shiny, sparkly red polish with golden glitter.  All of these pictures are in natural light, and even there look how shimmery it is!  I prefer Indulgence to Luxurious, personally.  This is definitely a shade I will go back to soon.

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beachgal said...
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beachgal said...

Not going to be picking these DS's up. I am really tired of the now OPI DS's being another glitter packed polish. I don't tend to wear really 'fully' packed glitters anymore and rarely the more sheer covering ones because they are so hard on my nails trying to get them off. My nails suffer for months after doing a glitter removal. Not wowed by these shades this yr either. I liked the blue/purple last yr.. I like the orange one (Indulgence) here but I can get that look with a non glitter from ChG Riveting.

polishloving said...

These are insanely gorgeous <3 but I still want them to do linear holos again! Nothing beats that for me

Tina said...

beautiful nail polish

Cristy Jones said...

Wow! I never thought that orange gold nail polish is pretty good looking.. I love to try that one!

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