Monday, August 6, 2012

Zoya Beach

Zoya Beach

Surf will be here tomorrow!

A pretty pink/purple creme

I preferred Lara to Reagan, although Shelby was by far my avorite pink of both Beach and Surf.  Lara is a medium pink creme that is quite pretty, but it wasn't super special.

Sweet as candy pink that reminds me of Zoya Sweet and is so reminiscent of long drives on the beach, listening to (what else?) the Beach Boys.  I love it.

A fabulous bright orange!  You may have seen my post describing my new love for orange a few weeks ago, but this orange is truly the perfect orange.
(My swatch of Tracie has oddly vanished!  Check it out in Preppy Zoya).

Perfectly creme blue that reminds me of summer, birds (robin's egg blue, anyone?), and ocean water.  This blue is spot on.

Overall, this collection is a MAJOR hit and I can't get enough of it.  As usual, Zoya hit a home run.  And I could not think of a better collection name for a fun grouping of 6 cremes.  Beach is a winner in my book.  Check out to purchase!


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