Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Zoya Surf

Zoya Surf

Yesterday was Beach, today is Surf, the shimmery companions to the six pretty shades I featured yesterday.  All polishes can be purchased at www.Zoya.com.

Beautiful frosty medium pink.  My mom loved this one.

Gorgeous glittering green (ok, it was actually shimmering, but I couldn't help the alliteration - you know I love it!).  I honestly can't decide if I like Meg or Tracie better - they are both so pretty in their own ways.  This is a really nice, dimensional shade and it dried quickly too!

Odd name, lovely shimmery blue.  That fine shimmer is so gorgeous in the sun!

Reddish-pinkish-orangish polish (I honestly can't tell which of the two this color wants to be) with ultrafine shimmer. I was hoping it would be pinker, but it is still pretty.

Again, quite an odd name.   I guess this one pairs with Arizona, the orange creme, and while I adore Arizona, I am not a huge fan of this color because I don't love redder oranges.

You already know that I ADORE Carly (I blogged all about it a few days ago!) so I won't go on and on.  Instead, look at this picture.  Isn't that shimmer awesome?!?

Thanks for reading!  Which collection do you like best: Beach or Surf?  And which shade is your favorite?


Robyn said...

Surf for sure! Shiny! And reddish oranges are my FAVORITES!

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