Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nicole by OPI Modern Family (part 2)

Nicole by OPI
Modern Family Collection

Like I said yesterday, I LOVE this collection.  Here is the rest of this fun bunch.

She's Lily Something
This glittery gel is tinted pink and filled with pink sparkles and pink stars.  As with most large-glitter polishes, the stars are a little hard to get out, but the result is SO CUTE.  This is over top of A Like-Haley Story.  They are a great combination, aren't they?

A Phil's Paradise
In yesterdays post, I told you that my mother is like Jay; our dad, on the other hand, is very much like Phil: funny, easy-going, and always up to try a new experiment or game.  This shimmery silver doesn't necessarily remind me of Phil, but it is beautiful, and it covers really well.  The sparkles shine through, but it is not rough like some glitters can be.

Alex by the Books
Alex by the Books is abolutely my favorite in this collection.  It is a beautiful pale teal that is SO on trend right now and perfect for spring.  This gorgeous creme covered really nicely.  As far as characters, my sister has always identified with Alex.  Kelsey is studious, smart, and hardworking, just like Alex.  PS: As an English teacher, I love that there is a polish with the word "books" in it.  That doesn't happen often!

Haley Good Lookin'...
This super glitter pink looks great layered over Back in My Gloria Days.

What's the Mitch-uation
And of all the characters, I most closely identify with Mitch.  He is smart, a bit of a workaholic, and sensitive.  This color?  None of those, but this purpley-blue is very pretty.

Luke of the Draw
This pretty (and very unique) black gel with small silvery shimmer and larger silver glitter looks great all on it's own.  It covered really well!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Nicole by OPI Modern Family (part 1)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Modern Family.  It is absolutely one of my favorite shows on TV.  I look forward to a new episode all week, and I watch it LIVE (I don't watch anything live - I DVR it all because I can't stand sitting through commercials).  Seriously, if you are not watching Modern Family, PLEASE check out a few episodes.  It is SO FUNNY.  So when I heard that there was a Modern Family polish collection from Nicole by OPI, I was ecstatic!  I was so excited to go through these polishes (I waited until my mother and sister visited before I opened the box so we could do through them together!) and I love the cute names.  If you're a Modern Family lover, these polishes are perfect for you, and if you are not a Modern Family lover, you're so missing out!  Use these polishes as your gateway to your new favorite show :)

My Jay or the Highway
In my family, we all have our characters on Modern Family that most closely resemble us.  My mother is Jay because she is straightforward and a leader (and definitely no-nonsense like Jay).  This no-nonsense nude is the perfect shade for Jay Pritchett, and I might add I think it's a pretty nice slightly gray nude for me too!

I Do De-Claire!
This slightly frosty medium pink is one of my mom's favorites.

Stand By Your Manny
My swatch of this was really goopy; for some reason I had a hard time getting this one to go on smooth and dry.  It is gorgeous in the bottle though - like periwinkle with lots of super fine shimmer.

Basking in Gloria
Who doesn't love Gloria? (And Sophia Vergara, for that matter).  This polish is a dark magenta with fine shimmer.  It went on thin and dried quickly, but covered completely.

Candid Cameron
Seriously, I did not do this beautiful aqua justice.  Shimmering with golden-green flecks, this blue is like the ocean in a bottle.  See the swirl in the bottle?  It's beautiful.  This is one of my favorites.

A Like-Haley Story
This shimmery bold pink is another favorite.  It went on smooth and dried quickly too.

Back in my Gloria Days
This stunning purple is chock-full of purple glitter.  It just glows!

Part 2 coming soon!

Friday, February 22, 2013


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OPI Euro Centrale (part 2)

OPI Euro Centrale
Check out part 1 of this great collection by clicking HERE.

Aren't these colors cute with my new funky fabric?  I thought this pattern was too fun.

Vant to Bite My Neck?
This vampire-themed eggplant creme is super glossy.

My Vampire is Buff
This is definitely a pale-vampire color - it is even paler than ME!

I Saw... U Saw... We Saw... Warsaw
And winner for the longest name goes to... yeah, I'm not typing that out again.  But even with the unfortunately long name, this dark blue is a KNOCKOUT.  I appreciate navy blues a lot, but my sister is a navy blue polish coinisseure, and when she saw this one, she fell in love (and said she had to have it).  Warsaw (as it will now be known) is a beautiful, glowy navy creme.  It really is a winner.  The last navy blue I liked this much was in a summer 2011 collection (and my sister swiped it from me), so this one is all mine!

A Woman's Prague-ative
To be honest, I hated this in the bottle.  But on my nails?  I actually really liked it.  In the light, it is super glowy and it just glistens.  It reminds me of the long-ago retired OPI Hungary for my Honey.

Hands off my Kielbasa!
This shimmery mauve is actually quite pretty.  And what is a kielbasa, you may ask?  I googled it: sausage.

Oy-Another Polish Joke
Finally, a polish company recognizes the fact that polish and Polish (as in, people from Poland) are spelled the same.  Ever searched for "polish blogs" only to end up looking at tourism websites?  When I started Babbling Brooke in 2008 (2008!  That sounds like a long time ago all of a sudden...) there were not nearly as many polish blogs as there are now, and searching for stuff about "polish" very often turned up information about Poland.  Because of that, I am now an expert on Poles.  Did you know the most popular dog name in Poland is Burek?

So, of all twelve Euro Centrale polishes, which is your favorite?
As always, visit the wonderful OPI.com to learn more.
We love you, OPI!

OPI Euro Centrale Collect (part 1)

OPI's fabulous new collection, Euro Centrale, incorporates shades inspired by Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Romania.  And that's right: it is TOO FABULOUS.  I literally squealed when I started pulling these crazy beautiful shades out of the shipping box. 

Can't Find My Czechbook
The name!  Loving it!  And the color?  Equally as fabulous.  This stunning light cornflower blue just dances with spring warmth.  Spring is a little less than one month away, and this shade will be a perfect first day of spring polish.

My Paprika is Hotter Than Yours!
OK, it is probably common knowledge that I am not a fan of orange.  Orange is just so... the opposite of pink.  So while this won't be a go-to shade for me, I have to give it props for being a unique orange - it's shimmery!  Plus, the name rocks.  I LOVE the word Paprika. It's great, isn't it?  Plus, I associate it with one of my favorite Fiestaware colors!

Suzi's Hungary Again!
This is such a perfect, spot-on salmon creme.  It feels retro and fun to me.  I wore this for a few days, then topped it with Nicole's She's Lily Something for a cute shimmer.

You're Such a Budapest
This is a super pretty light purple.  Maybe I am just SO ready for winter to be over, but these color reminds me of beautiful spring flowers.  Isn't it such a sweet shade?

OPI... Eurso Euro
A midnight blue with a hit of purple.  So pretty!

Saved the best for last!  This is probably my favorite polish name EVER.  Like EVER.  Cute word play coupled with pretty polka dots?  Yeah.  It couldn't be better.  This fun, party-ready glitter is loaded with octagonal pink, purple, and teal sparkles and little round purple sparkles.  This is an awesome color combination and such a fun, fun polish.  (I love it so much, I wore this one on my birthday over OPI's Lifeguard Makes Me Blush, my all-time favorite pink).  Doesn't this look great over You're Such A Budapest and Can't Find My Czechbook?

Love, Love, Love this collection!!  What do you think?
Learn more about these cute shades and more at OPI.com, and pick up the Euro Centrale collection at Sephora, ULTA, and other beauty supply stores near you.

Part 2 coming soon!

Zoya Pixie Dust

We all know Zoya seriously knows their glitter.  If I am looking for a glittery, shimmery, shiny polish, I immediately go to my Zoya bins.  The new Pixie Dust collection adds to Zoya's amazing glitter polishes with six super sparkly new matte glitters.  Zoya says these are "infused with magic and wonder" and I've got to agree.  I think these might be infused with a bit of unicorn too.

Certainly not chocolate-y, but absolutely the only nude glitter in my collection.  It's like work-appropriate put on a little black dress.

Gorgeous dark grey glitter.  This was darker than I expected, and I love it!

Beautiful and unique medium green with lots of glitter.  I love this green - it is what I imagine foggy, misty mornings in Ireland would look (and maybe I'll go there one day to verify this!).  This one was fairly sheer at two coats.

Pretty medium dusty purple loaded with glitter.  

Love the name (it's not a huge secret that dahlias are my favorite flowers).  I am guessing this is a play on Black Dahlia, which lends a spooky, mysterious vibe to this silky black polish filled with silver glitter.  This is a pretty cool shade, and I love that it is different.  Even the bottle is beautiful!!

Red gel polish with tons of red glitter.  I was surprised that this one covered so well.  I know I'll be using this one next year for Valentine's Day.

All polishes were two coats, with no base or top coat (Zoya says to avoid using a base or top coat with these shades to retain the matte finish).
Learn more at Zoya.com.  These are available now individually, or as a set of 6.
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