Friday, February 22, 2013

OPI Euro Centrale (part 2)

OPI Euro Centrale
Check out part 1 of this great collection by clicking HERE.

Aren't these colors cute with my new funky fabric?  I thought this pattern was too fun.

Vant to Bite My Neck?
This vampire-themed eggplant creme is super glossy.

My Vampire is Buff
This is definitely a pale-vampire color - it is even paler than ME!

I Saw... U Saw... We Saw... Warsaw
And winner for the longest name goes to... yeah, I'm not typing that out again.  But even with the unfortunately long name, this dark blue is a KNOCKOUT.  I appreciate navy blues a lot, but my sister is a navy blue polish coinisseure, and when she saw this one, she fell in love (and said she had to have it).  Warsaw (as it will now be known) is a beautiful, glowy navy creme.  It really is a winner.  The last navy blue I liked this much was in a summer 2011 collection (and my sister swiped it from me), so this one is all mine!

A Woman's Prague-ative
To be honest, I hated this in the bottle.  But on my nails?  I actually really liked it.  In the light, it is super glowy and it just glistens.  It reminds me of the long-ago retired OPI Hungary for my Honey.

Hands off my Kielbasa!
This shimmery mauve is actually quite pretty.  And what is a kielbasa, you may ask?  I googled it: sausage.

Oy-Another Polish Joke
Finally, a polish company recognizes the fact that polish and Polish (as in, people from Poland) are spelled the same.  Ever searched for "polish blogs" only to end up looking at tourism websites?  When I started Babbling Brooke in 2008 (2008!  That sounds like a long time ago all of a sudden...) there were not nearly as many polish blogs as there are now, and searching for stuff about "polish" very often turned up information about Poland.  Because of that, I am now an expert on Poles.  Did you know the most popular dog name in Poland is Burek?

So, of all twelve Euro Centrale polishes, which is your favorite?
As always, visit the wonderful to learn more.
We love you, OPI!


Kimberley said...

My favorites are, A Woman's Prague-ative, and Oy Another Polish Joke.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your feedback, TikiBarbie!! I think is TOO cute! (and don't you just love the names? My sister loved A Woman's Prague-ative too).

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