Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Language of Polish

Anyone who does polish swatches has A LOT of pictures that look like these.  I have thousands - at least more than ten thousand - on a variety of external hard drives.  But today, for the first time, as I was looking through swatches, I couldn't help but notice that the bizarre ways I hold the polish bottles (with my heavy DSLR in my other hand, which often has a few polished nails as well) look oddly like some type of sign language (which I have always wanted to learn.  I have tried, with youtube videos, but alas, I am far from holding a conversation or doing much other than saying "I love you").

So without further adieu, please enjoy:

The Language of Polish


StephanieLouise said...

Nicole by OPI bottles just look silly any time I hold them for swatches!

Unknown said...

Stephanie, I agree - those are the HARDEST ones to hold! The shape is just so odd! But OPI bottles are great for pictures. Still, any time I take a shot when I am holding the bottle in my right hand and my camera in the left it just looks awkward, because I am so used to the left handed polish pictures.

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