Friday, February 22, 2013

Zoya Pixie Dust

We all know Zoya seriously knows their glitter.  If I am looking for a glittery, shimmery, shiny polish, I immediately go to my Zoya bins.  The new Pixie Dust collection adds to Zoya's amazing glitter polishes with six super sparkly new matte glitters.  Zoya says these are "infused with magic and wonder" and I've got to agree.  I think these might be infused with a bit of unicorn too.

Certainly not chocolate-y, but absolutely the only nude glitter in my collection.  It's like work-appropriate put on a little black dress.

Gorgeous dark grey glitter.  This was darker than I expected, and I love it!

Beautiful and unique medium green with lots of glitter.  I love this green - it is what I imagine foggy, misty mornings in Ireland would look (and maybe I'll go there one day to verify this!).  This one was fairly sheer at two coats.

Pretty medium dusty purple loaded with glitter.  

Love the name (it's not a huge secret that dahlias are my favorite flowers).  I am guessing this is a play on Black Dahlia, which lends a spooky, mysterious vibe to this silky black polish filled with silver glitter.  This is a pretty cool shade, and I love that it is different.  Even the bottle is beautiful!!

Red gel polish with tons of red glitter.  I was surprised that this one covered so well.  I know I'll be using this one next year for Valentine's Day.

All polishes were two coats, with no base or top coat (Zoya says to avoid using a base or top coat with these shades to retain the matte finish).
Learn more at  These are available now individually, or as a set of 6.


Kimberley said...

These are pretty!

Unknown said...

Thanks Tiki Barbie!! My nails are SO short right now - it is awful! There cold, dry weather is not doing my hands any favors!

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