Wednesday, March 20, 2013

HAPPY SPRING!! (note the caps - can you tell I am ready for spring?)

How gorgeous are these flowers?  This was a bouquet Justin gave me for my birthday, because tulips are my favorite flowers and purple, purple, yellow, and then green (in that order!) are my favorite colors. I loved watching them bloom, and I took SO MANY pictures of them during that time (by "so many" I took over 100!).  I collected my three favorites and put them together here.  And since it is FINALLY spring, we will soon start seeing some of these outdoors too!  All of the bulbs throughout my various gardens have already started coming up, so I know very soon there will be daffodils and irises and tulips and all the other random flowers I have planted over the years (in no particular arrangement or order.  I intend to do much better at my next home).

What are YOU looking forward to the most this spring?  
Just an escape from the cold weather?  (hey - that's ok!)  Or is there anything awesomely exciting coming up for you?  (Vacations anyone?  Weddings?  Babies?).  
For me, I am SO ready for warm weather.  I honestly feel that my body just stays colder than everyone else does, and so at home I am always bundled up during these winter months (of course, summer brings air conditioning, which hot-blooded Justin likes to keep at a setting that sometimes feels below freezing).  But luckily, during these months, I can always step outdoors to warm up.  Ahh... I can't wait for that kind of weather!  Sometimes I really wonder why I live in Maryland and not Florida, or California, or pretty much any state a hundred miles south of here!


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