Thursday, October 31, 2013

OPI Halloween Rock Goddess

For 2013, OPI introduced this adorable mini collection of Rock Goddess neon shades, complete with a cute free skull bracelet.  Enjoy this fun Halloween collection!

The Drummer is Hot
This is not a Halloween-orange (check out my candy corn nails for that!).  This is a more reddish orange.  I'm never a big fan of orange polish, so this one is just so-so for me.  

This is a fun yellow creme that covered really well.  I want a full sized bottle of this!  I love school bus yellow polishes.  They are surprisingly hard to find, and this is a really nice one.

Rolling Bones
For some reason I thought this one was sheer so I applied it over a base.  It definitely isn't - this polish needs no base color.  It is beautiful and so shimmery!  This was surprisingly my favorite in the collection.

Stand in Lime For Days
Great limey green creme.  This one reminds me of some of the Shrek polishes OPI came out with a few years ago - but this is not a dupe.  I'm a sucker for lime greens, and this one did not disappoint - especially with the stronger yellow tones.  I'm a fan!

Happy Halloween!  

Be sure to check out this collection at or your local retailer.

Friday, October 11, 2013

10 Year Veggie-versary

It is SO hard to believe, but I have been a vegetarian for ten years today!  What started really just as a "try it for the weekend" sort of thing became my lifestyle - and I never looked back.  I am so excited that I can say that I have been a vegetarian for ten years - a decade!  When I first became a vegetarian, I was so worried I would not get enough protein, so that I would get only carbs.  But becoming a vegetarian allowed me to discover so many wonderful and delicious foods that I probably never would have tried, and I am so thankful for that.  In fact, I plan to only serve vegetarian food at my wedding next June!  I love the three dishes we have selected, and I am sure my guests will too.

In 2003 I was very aware of vegetarianism because many of my friends were vegetarians.  I cared about animals, and I did see a disconnect between my love of life and compassion towards animals and what I was consuming.  But when I began researching the process of farming - namely factory farming - a bit further, my resolve quickly deepened.  As much as I had enjoyed bacon, chicken tenders, and turkey sandwiches, I could not eat them with a sound conscience.  At first I craved the foods I was used to - that is normal.  But now, ten years later, I almost always forget that my dietary choices are different than the masses; I am reminded only when I find myself at a restaurant that offers nothing but a side salad for vegetarians - and luckily, those restaurants are becoming fewer and fewer.

I am proud that I made such a life-altering and mature decision so many years ago, and grateful that my family and friends have supported and encouraged my choices.  To read more about why I became a vegetarian, click here.

Check out some of my favorite vegetarian recipes below!  I eat a lot of vegetarian bean chili, spaghetti with tofu shirataki and Morningstar Farm crumblers, veggie patties, Greek yogurt (14 a week!), and of course, tons of fruits and veggies.  I try to avoid packaged foods, but I do enjoy popcorn once a week :)

Minestrone (an all-time favorite of mine!)
And for dessert, Pumpkin Pecan Cheesecake

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Growing out my hair!

So I have been growing out my hair for a LONG time now.  The last time I had a real cut was February 2012, and my last trim was September 2012 (I know, I know - I am way overdue for a trim!).  But I have been determined to have long hair by June for my wedding.  I am so determined, I started taking biotin!  (30 days in and nothing... still sad, short nails and not-so-great hair - but I will keep you updated!).

But I am SO excited to share that in just a few weeks I will be reviewing Remy Clips clip in hair extensions!  My hair has always been so thin, so I am so excited to show you it with Remy Clips extensions!! 

My sister; she has always had thicker, fuller hair (my mother is certain it is because I'm a vegetarian; I just blame it on genetics).

Meanwhile, in other wedding planning news, we booked our photographer (Katelyn James!!  Love her!!) and our caterer (Laurrapin - so excited!), and we have an amazing hair and makeup artist, Syvonne Baron (she did my sister's hair and makeup in the picture above).  I've been trying on dresses for the past few weeks; it is so difficult to choose one (and one that is a somewhat reasonable price... I very easily found a $3200 one that I love but that is absolutely not happening!).  I will be sharing some more wedding planning updates, plus our engagement photos soon :)

Finally, just for fun (especially since this is Apple Harvest time!), take the following quiz and see if you can guess if the names listed are apples or nail polishes.  Weird, right?  It is actually kind of challenging (Ellen has a similar hilarious quiz - I'm pretty proud to say I know my polishes!).  

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