Friday, November 29, 2013

Remy Clips - Hair Extension Review

 I am SO excited to share my review of beautiful Remy Clips Hair Extensions!!

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Remy Clips are 100% real grade 5A remy human hair - which means that they are absolute top quality. Remy Clips can be washed, dyed (I highlighted them!), and curled or straightened - just like your own hair!  

In the photo above and the photos below, I am wearing Remy Clips Hair Extensions in Honey.  I chose the 24 inch Remy Clips because my hair is already long (but I still wanted it to be a bit longer!) and I went with the 280 gram because I really wanted to add body to my hair.  I have pretty thin hair, so I wanted it to look fuller.  I chose to get the body wave instead of leaving the hair straight since my hair is naturally wavy.  I also felt that this would help the extensions hold a curl, and since I plan on always wearing them curled, this was perfect!

The extensions come with 8 different clip in extensions in a variety of sizes, which means you can have as much or as little volume as you want!  There are two 1 inch clip ins, three 4 inch clip ins, two 6 inch clip ins, and one 8 inch clip in (it's my favorite!).  In all of the photos below, I am wearing the two 1 inch clip, two 4 inch clips, and the one 8 inch clip.  I am not even wearing the full set and my hair is longer and fuller than it has every been!!

On the left is without extensions and the right is with extensions.  If course I took my "after" picture after I went out and took pictures in the tremendous wind, so a lot of the curls in my natural hair were windblown out!  But this shows you how well the extensions hold a curl.  I did not apply hair spray or any other styling product to my hair or the extensions.  I also started by straightening my own hair (before curling) because it is frizzy.

 The women who work at Remy Clips are SO sweet!!  They were all so helpful when I was trying to choose the right color.  I sent over a few photos of myself and they helped me narrow it down.  They are always available to answer questions and help out, and they are SO sweet!!  They are based in California and they all have Remy Clips also, so they are very knowledgable about their product and able to answer any questions.  If you are between two shades, I highly recommend seeking their advice.
The card they sent was so cute :)

Remy Clips extensions arrive carefully packaged in small storage totes and wrapped in netting to keep the hair tangle-free.  Isn't it gorgeous?  My hair has never ever been as beautiful and healthy as these extensions.  

Don't the Remy Clips blend so well with my natural hair?

Remy Clips were surprising easy to put in.  Each extension has between one and five small clips - like a barrette - along the top.  Basically you just open all of the barrettes, place the extension in your hair, and clip shut.  It was SO much easier than I ever expected.  What took a long time was curling all this hair!  I am used to just curling my thin, fine hair, so it took a lot longer to curl these extensions!  I curled everything once the extensions were in so they blended better.  Even now, a few weeks later, the extensions are still curled. They hold a curl REALLY well.  Remy Clips suggest buying two sets - one for straight styles and one for curly styles.  That way you do not need to apply heat tools to the extensions too often - which can be damaging.

It was a WINDY day and the wind was messing my hair up quickly!

I am SO happy with my Remy Clips.  They are so much easier than I could have ever imagined to use, and they are absolutely gorgeous.  The extensions are real human hair, and the quality is outstanding. 

To see more great looks with Remy Clips, make sure to visit Remy Clip's Pinterest page (trust me - you will soon have major hair envy!). 

Check out Remy Clip's website to see which color will be perfect for you and to take advantage of a great offer - $25.00 off when you use the coupon code BROOKE25.  

Monday, November 11, 2013

Do the polka dot

I absolutely adore this white button up blouse with black polka dots.  It is SO CUTE!!  It is a silky chiffon and slightly sheer.  It pairs perfectly with a fun skirt - but it can totally work with basic black also for work.  It was slightly short on me untucked, but I had a somewhat long torso.  The best part?  This is only $21!  Check out the Polka Dot Button-up Chiffon Blouse at Oasap.

I am obsessed with statement necklaces right now, and Oasap's awesome white enamel and rhinestone necklace is PERFECT.  I paired it with each of the blouses and got tons of compliments on it.  The fact that it is white makes it such a perfect neutral necklace, while the shape makes it stand out.  At just under $15, it is a great price for a unique accessory.  

This blouse was just like the black and white one, but in a peachy hue with orange dots.  It is a different color than what I normally wear, which is why I bought it, and I can't wait to add the beautiful touquiose one to my collection too!  I am wearing the Polka Dot Long Sleeve Chiffon Blouse in small and it works well tucked in to a skirt.  I got SO many compliments on this blouse, and I love it with the purple skirt!

I love these looks so much!  I hope you enjoyed them too.  What are your thoughts on these polka dot blouses and the white necklace? 
Thanks to for these beautiful items!

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