Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy 2014! (My wedding year!!)

I hope everyone has had a wonderful start to the new year!

This is a big year for me... I am getting married this year!  Isn't this a beautiful picture of my ring??  The amazingly talented Katelyn James took that - and all of our engagement pictures!!  You can see more at my photography page here!!  This has been many years in the works and I am so excited to finally celebrate our wedding with friends and family this June.  (And I will also be VERY excited to get some of this wedding stuff out of my house!!).

So far the decor we have purchased or collected is:
13 vintage blue Ball mason jars (ok - not getting rid of those!!)
22 vintage milk bottles (maybe not those either...)
100 Fiestaware Flamingo pink dinner plates - stunning! But we can't keep 100 plates... you would not believe how much space those take up!  I clearly had no clue what 100 plates looked like all boxed up... trust me - it is a LOT!  We drove to the Fiestaware Outlet in beautiful Newell, WV to get these (only six hour drive - no big deal for my favorite dishes! haha).  I will post later with all the details, but let's just say I am VERY grateful to the outlet and warehouse employees for their help in getting 100 of these babies because initially it was not looking like it was going to happen!  We are so excited to have this special touch at our wedding!
86 clear glass cake plates - they were a steal at .50 cents each at Target - the same price it would cost to rent them!!  It took a while to scrape the stickers off of all of them, but they look great!  They only had 86... so if we have more than 86 guests we have an issue!
15 lacey tins from Ikea for florals
60+ mason jars (and I still need more!!).  I found some at yard sales last summer, and saved some from canning
120+ teacups - so our favors are going to be cute vintage teacups with plants inside.  I have been buying these teacups at yard sales for six years (yup - SIX years!).  I have turned down SO many because I only want pretty ones!  I have paid as little as 10 cents (ok - that only happened once) and as much as $6 (but it was gorgeous!!).  Most were $1 each, and some came with little plates (I am still debating what I should do with those)
6 apothecary jars - for a candy bar! We used them for a surprise party too for a popcorn bar :)
11 lanterns - not getting rid of these! I use them as decor throughout my house!
30+ doilies - got the whole bag for $5 at a cool place called the Pink Cabbage!  They are super cute!
Vintage couch and four vintage chairs - these are adorable and are going to be our vintage lounge.  I love it!  My mom and I are sewing pillows to decorate the furniture.  I got the couch and two chairs on Craigslist (thank you to my dad for driving out with me to get these - there is NO way I could have lifted them!) and my mom picked up the other two chairs a few years ago through Craiglist.
A giant chalkboard - my dad made me this for Christmas :) Can't get rid of this!
A retro blue typewriter - also a Christmas gift and I love it!
Old windows - just so cute.
A vintage writing desk
A photo printer for the photo booth!
Various small decor items, like a vintage mailbox, antique handkerchiefs, books, etc.

Ok, so after inventorying it looks like my house isn't necessarily going to get less crowded after the wedding!  But I am really excited to see how it all comes together.  I am very excited for 2014 and will definitely be sharing some wedding details leading up to June! :)


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Can't wait to see it all come together!!!!!!

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