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OPI Brazil 2014 Collection

OPI Brazil Collection
I was SO excited when I learned that OPI was creating a Brazil Collection for spring.  What could be better that bright, fun, festive colors?  This collection is a perfect marriage of polish and color, and I hope you love it as much as I have.  Enjoy!!

Kiss Me I'm Brazilian
I had to start with my absolute favorite in the collection (and a total favorite polish now - I am in love with this shade!!).  Kiss Me I'm Brazillian is a perfect bubbly pink.  I've been wearing it on my nails on repeat for over a week now and I can't get enough of it!  This is a medium creme pink that is perfect for February (you know, my birthday and Valentine's Day of course!).

This fun, festive coral creme is perfect for long, hot summer days.  The formula on ALL of these polishes is spectacular.  I seriously love OPI polishes - I'm a little obsessed - and I think the formula is the best of the best, and this collection meets the OPI standards!

Where Did Suzi's Man-go?
As always, I love the witty and cute names!  I don't eat mango much at all (except in smoothies) so I don't really know what color a mango is (although my mother did foster a cat named Mango last summer!).  This light orange is definitely a good orange (trust me - I am SO picky about orange polish - it just doesn't work with my skin tone!).

Toucan Do It If You Try
Also a cute name!  I really like this one - maybe a tad more than Carnaval, but that's a tough call - I like them both, and I may be biased toward Toucan because of the name.  Growing up, my family went to a restaurant called Tippies down in Laurel for some of the best queso and enchiladas.  A long time ago, the restaurant was renamed Toucan Taco, and this polish reminded me of one of my favorite childhood restaurants! 

I Just Can't Cope-ACabana
I'm not sure what letters should be capitalized in this name... so I'm just going to be totally grammatically incorrect about it and capitalize two letters in a row!  I LOVE yellow polishes.  I am a huge fan of the color yellow; I love yellow jewelry and yellow tank tops, and yellow nails are the same perfect pop of color (don't worry - I wouldn't wear all three at the same time!).  This is a FABULOUS yellow creme that I can't wait to wear (I'm just going to wait until the 2+ feet of snow outside melts before I whip out the yellow polish!).

Taupe-less Beach
My friend Amy (a total polish lover) stopped by the day after I received this collection; she looked through the first box of brights and oohed and ahed and said "perfect for summer!", then opened the second box of neutrals and said "and these are perfect for right now!"  I totally agree - this collection is awesome because it is really seasonally varied.  The neutrals in here are the perfect late winter transition into spring, and these brights will work spring through summer.  Taupe-less Beach is a FABULOUS neutral and one of my favorites in the collection.  I can see this being a favorite for years to come.

Don't Bossa Nova Me Around
This is a lighter neutral than Taupe-less Beach and much more of a true neutral on my pale hands!  This covered well (none of these are sheer - yay!).

Next Stop... The Bikini Zone
Wahoo!  A shimmery sparkle!  To be totally honest, I was so surprised that the Brazil Collection wasn't loaded with sparkly shades, but also a little glad (they can be a pain to remove).  This shimmer is so fine that is comes off easily, plus it looks stunning in the light.  With hints of grey and purple, I would still consider this a neutral.

I Sao Paulo Over There
This is a darker taupe that will be nice come fall (ok - forget that - I seriously should not be thinking about fall yet!).

Amazon... Amazoff
Oh la la, loving this turquoise creme!!  This is such a rich, lovely jewel-tone!!  I love this one.  I know I'll be wearing this a lot!

OPI Scores A Goal
I am guessing this is a soccer reference, so I'm not sure why it is wine-colored (am I missing something?).  Scores A Goal is a nice shade, but I've never been a big fan of this sort of color (probably because I end up getting it all of my cuticles and look like some kind of messy vampire).  I have a feeling my friend Michelle would really like this one.

OPI Red Hot Rio
Cute name!!  This is a gel, not a creme, so it is a little more sheer than all of the others.  It is a beautiful red, but I would suggest three coats for this one (all the others are two coats).

OPI Brazil Beach Sandies
Liquid Sand Mini Nail Lacquers
And it isn't over yet!!  OPI also created a cute four-pack of "Sandies" to go with the Brazil Collection!  These four shades all feature OPI's "texture finish," which gives this polish a matte, textured look - like sand!  (Oh, and here are those glitters!!  Yay!).  With a thick top coat, these go from "Sandies" to shimmers.
I'm Brazil Nuts Over You
I thought this was pink, but it is more of a reddish magenta.

You're So Flippy Floppy
A bright yellow texture coat; I used two coats here and it is nearly opaque.

Samba-dy Loves Purple
This is definitely my favorite of the four Beach Sandies.  I love this pretty purple!

What's a Little Rain Forest
A pretty medium blue textured polish.

I hope you enjoyed this fun, bright summery collection!  
What shades are you most excited to get this season?

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