Friday, April 18, 2014

Wedding DIY - Decor Crafts

I have been making SO many things for my upcoming wedding!!  I am obsessed with DIY.  I just love knowing "I made this" (or, "my dad made this" - which will be the case for a few things I will be posting soon!).  It is so nice to have almost everything booked and to be at the point where I can work on designing the decor (the fun part!).  Here are a few of the EASIEST and most SIMPLE crafts I have been working on.  These were so quick to put together and I feel like they really add a nice touch.  Plus, they are super affordable!  We have tons of real flowers at our wedding, but I still wanted a few groupings on side tables (like at the Photo Booth and candy bar), so faux flowers work great!  They are affordable, plus I can sell or donate them after the wedding!

This is SOO easy - I picked up lanterns at Target (I bought these last summer and use them as decor in my house!).  I simply cut off portions of a branch of fake flowers (picked up at Michael's half off) and arranged them in the lantern.  I like how they look like they are spilling out!


I love these little blue lanterns!  I collect vintage blue mason jars, so I was really excited when Ball introduced these pint-sized heritage blue ball jars.  I bought four cases of these for the wedding; I am using 8 as lanterns, 5 for the next craft, and the rest will go on the tables as decor (with real flowers!).  These lanterns are too easy; I simply tied twine (purchased at Home Depot for a whopping $2.50) around the lid and hug!  Make sure you use a small candle with this - you don't want your twine handle to burn up!  Another option is electric candles.  You could make the handle from a metal material, but again, this is super fast, simple, and easy - and it works!

And the easiest craft of all - and how I am using my other blue mason jars - are these cute little displays!  I made five in all, and I plan to have them at the candy bar, drink dispensers, the lounge area, and probably at the gift table.  They look pretty real - especially from a bit of a distance (that's why I wouldn't use them on the dinner tables - we have lots of beautiful real flowers there!).  My future mother-in-law got these at Michael's (also half off) and I just plopped them into these blue mason jars.  So easy!  You could always add ribbon (polka dot, of course!) and hot glue for an extra touch.

I hope this is inspiring!  I have many more crafts I'll be sharing, since we are just about at the 60 day wedding countdown!!  Wow!!  Thanks for reading!

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